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[Letter from T. N. Carswell to Dr. Criswell - September 24, 1960]

Description: A letter written to Dr. Criswell from T. N. Carswell, dated September 24, 1960. Carswell advises Criswell that having heard him preach in Dallas on Religious Freedom he is inviting him to speak at the worker's conference of the Callahan Baptist Association in Eula, Texas or under another sponsorship in Abilene, Texas. He advises that one of his deacons, H. J. Blackwell, and he attended Simmons and both enlisted in the Navy, World War I, about the same date.
Date: September 24, 1960
Creator: Carswell, T. N. (Thomas Norwood)
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Letter from David S. Castle Jr. to James A. Bethea, September 24, 1953]

Description: Copied letter from David S. Castle Jr. to James A. Bethea discussing why his architecture company would be the best choice for construction of a new hospital building. Copies were sent to Truett Latimer, among others.
Date: September 24, 1953
Creator: Castle, David S.
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Letter from W. Kyle Chapman to Thomas L. James, September 24, 1953]

Description: Letter from W. Kyle Chapman to Thomas L. James discussing a meeting with Jim Douglas where it was decided that Farm-to-Market Road Number 1876 would not be extended into Westheimer Road under that year's program.
Date: September 24, 1953
Creator: Chapman, W. Kyle
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Letter from Lila Franklin to Mr. and Mrs. Moore and Linnet, September 24, 1893]

Description: She was glad to hear from them because she was afraid that they had gone home and forgotten about her. She mentions that Mrs. Joyner would like to go back to Texas with them and is an old schoolmate of Mrs. Moore. She wants to get her father to go with her to Texas, but will not be able to go this year. Her mother is going to Arkansas to see her son. She received a copy of the "Democrat" by Mr. Moore of her trip to McKinney.
Date: September 24, 1893
Creator: Franklin, Lila
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letters from Frank and Alice Griffin to the Moore family, September 24-26, 1894]

Description: These are letters from the Charles B. Moore Collection. The first two are written by Alice Griffin, who was Adelitia "Dinkie" McGee's daughter and niece and cousin to members of the Moore family. An additional letter is written by Frank M. Griffin, Alice's husband. In Alice's letter, she informs the Moore family of the goings-on in Gallatin, Tennessee and the news includes: an update on family members health, news about the weather, a discussion about Matilda Dodd, a dialogue about pickling and preserving, a dialogue about Bailey Love, details about deaths in the community and general community news, a discussion about Bessie, Mattie, Birdie, and Hattie Love, an update on the dress she is making for Matilda, details about Pete who is helping Matilda, and news of Bettie and Matilda's visit. In Alice's second letter, she details Matilda's and Bettie's visit, discusses news about family and friends, mentions her garden and box flowers,and writes about a dress she is having made and a dress she is making for Birdie. She notes that she wishes they could visit her next year. A visit from her does not seem possible she mentions, due to financial reasons. She closes the letter by wishing the Moore family would write soon and she promises to write more often. In Frank's letter, he updates the Moore family on the goings-on in Gallatin from his perspective. The news in his letter includes: news about his livestock, an update on the weather, a discussion about the sewing machine ordered for Alice, a dialogue about the crops, details about weaning a colt and purchasing a mule, news about the demand for jersey cows, a discussion about Alice losing her poultry and turkeys to limber neck or break neck, a dialogue about making money from butter and the jersey cow …
Date: September 24, 1894
Creator: Griffin, Alice McGee & Griffin, Frank M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Douglas M. Herrera to John J. Herrera - 1969-09-24]

Description: Letter from Douglas M. Herrera to his father, John J. Herrera dated September 24, 1969. The letter briefly describes Douglas and Mary's arrival in Mexico and the goes on to discuss at length his concerns over his father's use of diet pills that contain Benzedrine and Dexedrine. Douglas expresses concern over use of these pills and the effects they are having on John's personality and the people around him. Douglas offers to leave school and get a job so that his father does not feel pressured to continue taking speed.
Date: September 24, 1969
Creator: Herrera, Douglas M.
Partner: Houston Metropolitan Research Center at Houston Public Library

[Letter from John J. Herrera to J. C. Machuca - 1964-09-24]

Description: Letter from John J. Herrera to J. C. Machuca, dated September 24, 1964, regarding an investigation concerning a LULAC apartment in El Paso, Texas.
Date: September 24, 1964
Creator: Herrera, John J.
Partner: Houston Metropolitan Research Center at Houston Public Library

[Receipt for L. D. Hillyer, September 24,1928]

Description: Receipt for L. D. Hillyer that covers the charges for the testimony of W. W. Carlin in the case of of Hamon et al vs. United States Torpedo Company.
Date: September 24, 1928
Creator: Hillyer, L. D.
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Letter from Thos. L. James to D. W. Kempner, September 24, 1952]

Description: Letter from Thos. L. James to D. W. Kempner discussing farming operations including weather, ginning progress, cottonseed prices, crop harvests, pasture conditions, meal production, and cotton sales.
Date: September 24, 1952
Creator: James, Thomas Leroy
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Letter from Cornelia Yerkes, September 24, 1944]

Description: Letter from Cornelia Yerkes discussing ferrying aircraft to Randolph Field with a detour to Love Field, a dental problem, talking with former pursuit school classmates, and tailoring pants.
Date: September 24, 1944
Creator: Kafka, Cornelia V. Yerkes
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[Letter from D. W. Kempner to Thos. L. James, September 24, 1951]

Description: Letter from D. W. Kempner to Thos. L. James discussing an enclosed check from Wonder State Manufacturing Co., which covered missing order items. An enclosed letter from W. L. Gatz, containing a complaint about items sent from Plantersville, is also discussed.
Date: September 24, 1951
Creator: Kempner, Daniel W. (Daniel Webster), 1877-1956
Partner: Rosenberg Library
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