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Transmitting-Gear for Windmills.

Description: Patent for an improved transmitting-gear for windmills "which is simple and durable in construction, very effective in operation, and arranged to impart a long stroke to the pump-rod or other device to be actuated" (lines 11-14), including one illustration.
Date: January 22, 1901
Creator: Allison, Jesse H.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Non-refillable bottle.

Description: Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Non-Refillable Bottles" (line 5). "This invention relates to non-refillable bottles, and more particularly to mean sfor admitting air to such bottles, in connection with a valve-stopper for preventing the introduction of liquid into the bottle after the stopper has been placed in position." (lines 9-10)
Date: January 1, 1901
Creator: Anderson, Lee & Bettes, Harrison S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Difficulties of a Mexican revenue officer in Texas

Description: This book discusses the action by the Mexican government to send a revenue officer and small contingent of soldiers into Texas during 1835 to collect taxes from the citizens and the resistance they faced. Includes some letters and notes from the author about later excerpts from newspapers.
Date: January 1901
Creator: Barker, Eugene C.
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

Changeable Gearing.

Description: Patent for changeable gearing by using an axle, bevel-gears, stub-shafts and a crank-axle to construct the changeable gear, so that the “sprocket is locked to rotate with the crank-axle in one direction, while it may rotate freely of the axle in opposite direction, and, furthermore, that the sprocket may be locked to rotate with the axle or may be caused to rotate at a higher-speed than the axle.” (Lines 8-14.) Illustration is included.
Date: January 8, 1901
Creator: Brady, Alford
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Turning Tool for Bale Band Fasteners.

Description: Patent for "novel construction of turning-tool having simple and efficient means for exerting a powerful leverage upon the turning or winding element of the fastener, whereby all of the slack in the bale-band may be readily taken up and drawn very tight, thus insuring the manipulation of the bale-band fastener in a way to provide for taking up a maximum amount of slack with a minimum movement" (lines 16-25). Includes Illustrations.
Date: January 22, 1901
Creator: Campbell, Douglas M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Drainage Apparatus.

Description: Patent for a drainage apparatus by using two siphon-pipes, a back-pressure valve and an automatic starting device to drain the water from one place to another when the water is at a predetermined level. Illustration is included.
Date: January 8, 1901
Creator: Carroll, Samuel C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[McGirk School Students]

Description: Photograph of a group of McGirk school children with their teacher, who is holding a bell to the left of the group. They are gathered loosely into rows outside of a rustic wooden building with an open entrance-way visible behind the top row. The bottom row of boys are sitting on the ground, and two girls standing the next row up are holding books. Empty, flat land is visible in the background to the right of the building. Two of the children are identified on the back of the card as Pleasant K. Caraway and Clemmie Caraway.
Date: January 30, 1901
Creator: Carson Bros.
Partner: Jennie Trent Dew Library
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