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Primary view of [Clipping: Letters]
Blakey, G. Robert; Chatelain, Susan; Eddy, Gwen; Anderson, Deborah A.; Harlow, Ken & Ward, D. M.
March 30, 1989
Primary view of [Clipping: Supreme Court opens own Hampton probe]
Sunde, Scott
March 30, 1989
Primary view of [Clipping: AIDS activist used to going against grain]
Iannello, Lorraine
March 21, 1989
Primary view of [Clipping: AIDS benefit a spectacular show of support]
Smith, Nancy
March 21, 1989
Primary view of [Clipping: Letters]
Dunning, Randall D.; Nelson, Bill; Haus, Charles N.; Hardy, Dorcas R. & Jahn, Constance
March 21, 1989
Primary view of [Clipping: Outlaw AIDS discrimination]
unknown creator
March 15, 1989
Primary view of [Newspaper clipping: Bittersweet]
The Dallas Morning News
March 3, 1989
Primary view of [Clipping: Center plans clinic for AIDS study]
Jacobson, Sherry
March 2, 1989
Primary view of [Clipping: Ex-Parkland AIDS director named to operate new clinic]
Iannello, Lorraine
March 2, 1989
Primary view of [Clipping: Going For It - Experience Weekend Graduates Who Are Making A Difference: Mary Franklin]
The Experience Weekend
March 30, 1988
Primary view of [Clipping: Jerry Jeff is Still Alive!]
Fromholz, Steven
March 25, 1988
Primary view of [Clipping: Letters]
LaFreniere, Donna; Caruth, W. W. III; Hunt, William C.; Haynes, Christine & Wallin, Fred
March 7, 1988
Primary view of [Clipping: AIDS Drug Battle: Dallas Gay Alliance, Parkland split over treatment]
Jacobson, Sherry
March 2, 1988
Primary view of [Clipping: Article on AIDS patient]
Hollandsworth, Skip
March 1988
Primary view of [Clipping: Zoning questions upset North Dallas]
Schutze, Jim
March 30, 1987
Primary view of [Clipping: They also served]
David, Marjorie
March 22, 1987
Primary view of [Clipping: Challenger criticizes Rucker's financing, attendance record]
Timms, Ed
March 18, 1987
Primary view of [Clipping: Gays won't back anyone for mayor]
unknown creator
March 10, 1987
Primary view of [Clipping: Boys will be girls]
Smith, Russell
March 7, 1987
Primary view of [Clipping: Don't base decision on labels, District 9 council hopefuls say]
unknown creator
March 7, 1987
Primary view of [Clipping: Ignorance causes AIDS, TV ads say]
Zamichow, Nora
March 4, 1987
Primary view of [Houston Chronicle: State legal issues cloud status of gay case before high court]
unknown creator
March 24, 1986
Primary view of [Clipping: Charity revue is no drag]
Davis, Debra
March 17, 1986
Primary view of [Clipping: Race bias pervades jury selection]
McGonigle, Steve & Timms, Ed
March 9, 1986
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