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Primary view of Tax receipt for Mary Jones, signed in 1862
unknown creator
July 7, 1862
Primary view of State of Texas Governor's Message to the 57th Legislature, 1st Called Session July 10, 1961
Price, Daniel
July 11, 1961
Primary view of [A magazine page clipping taken from "The Santa Gertrudis Journal"]
unknown creator
July 1971
Primary view of [Wedding Invitation for Shirley Townsend and Mr. Murray Courtney Howell]
unknown creator
July 14, 1951
Primary view of [Confederate States Loan]
unknown creator
July 1872
Primary view of [Dance card for the Fourth of July ball held in the Opera House, 1883]
unknown creator
July 4, 1883
Primary view of Texas Grand State Farmers Alliance delegates certificate
unknown creator
July 12, 1886
Primary view of Looking Back
Cherry, Ruby
July 11, 1963
Primary view of The X-Ray
Denton Rotary Club
Primary view of Title of Land to John Adkinson
unknown creator
July 22, 1845
Primary view of [Scrap of paper with Jesse Grimes signature]
unknown creator
July 13, 1838
Primary view of Court Order
unknown creator
July 1, 1847
Primary view of Speech of John M. Clayton, of Delaware.  In Defence of Zachary Taylor.
Clayton, John M.
July 5, 1848
Primary view of [Pardon from T.S. Post granting SAlexander Simon parole from Giddings Battalion Texas Cavalry, C.S.A., 1865]
unknown creator
July 19, 1865
Primary view of [Sworn statement by Simon pledging his "Parole of Honor" not to serve in the C.S.A., 1865]
unknown creator
July 19, 1865
Primary view of [Oath of Amnesty claiming allegiance to the United States Constitution, 1865]
unknown creator
July 19, 1865
Primary view of Government bond
unknown creator
July 14, 1839
Primary view of Washington County legal documents
unknown creator
July 31, 1837
Primary view of "Speech of Senator Chilton, of Texas, in the United States Senate"
unknown creator
July 6, 1897
Primary view of Program for Houston Symphony concert
unknown creator
July 24, 1977
Primary view of "Independence of Texas"
unknown creator
July 4, 1836
Primary view of [Death certificate of Carolyn Street Scott]
unknown creator
July 7, 1973
Primary view of [Documentation of sale of land from John H. Traylor to Hartsford Howard, July 14 1877]
Traylor, John H.
July 14, 1877
Primary view of [Letter from Henry Strong to M.L. Parks, July 5 1877]
unknown creator
July 5, 1877
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