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Primary view of Certificate of appreciation to Jane Reed for defensive driving completion
unknown creator
September 18, 1976
Primary view of [Certificate of appreciation to Phillip Reed for defensive driving completion]
unknown creator
September 18, 1976
Primary view of [Report of sales of property real and personal belonging of Zavala's estate sold to Henry Fock, September 28, 1841]
Moreland, J.M.
September 28, 1841
Primary view of [Abstract of Original Titles of Zavala's colony with names of grantees, dates ot title, and quantity during the years 1834-1835. September 1, 1932]
unknown creator
September 1, 1932
Primary view of [Manifiesto o Memoria.]
Iturbide, Agustín de, 1783-1824
September 27, 1823
Primary view of [The Crazy Water Company - Stock Certificate]
unknown creator
September 23, 1948
Primary view of Exchange National Bank Pay to Sheriff Callahan
Exchange National Bank
September 27, 1891
Primary view of Phrenological journal
unknown creator
September 1850
Primary view of [Stock in Washington County Railroad]
unknown creator
September 1, 1858
Primary view of [Deed of slave Lucy to Emily Grimes]
unknown creator
September 21, 1852
Primary view of Land Grant to J.C. Clark
unknown creator
September 12, 1878
Primary view of Handbill announcing Garfield's death
unknown creator
September 19, 1881
Primary view of Plea for the Life of the Geological and Mineralogical Survey of Texas, and Review of the Charges preferred against Prof. E.T. Dumble, State Geologist, for "Incompetency, Plagiarism, and Maladministration in Office," and the Sham Trial thereof
Herndon, J. H.
September 1891
Primary view of Court martial of Private John Carroll in Brownsville, TX
unknown creator
September 19, 1864
Primary view of Washington County legal documents
unknown creator
September 7, 1841
Primary view of [Bill of Sale to Alexander Simon from W.P. Moore for slave Sarah, 1862]
unknown creator
September 27, 1862
Primary view of "A Tribute of Respect To The Dead Chieftain, Wm. McKinney"
unknown creator
September 19, 1901
Primary view of Membership Certificate - Texas State Board of Dental Examiners
unknown creator
September 23, 1897
Primary view of [Bill of sale for three slaves to William Murrell, September 20, 1849]
Murrell, Samuel
September 20, 1849
Primary view of [Organizing Meeting of Beth-El Congregation]
Carb, Isadore, congregation secretary
September 21, 1902
Primary view of [Receipt for Hartsford Howard, September 19 1857]
Siblock, Augustine
September 19, 1857
Primary view of [Copy of Settlement with Mrs. L.A. Crockett, September 28 1889]
unknown creator
September 28, 1889
Primary view of [Receipt for Occupation Tax, September 9 1863]
Shepherd, James M.
September 3, 1863
Primary view of [Tax receipt for R.P. Crockett]
Hightower, J.C.
September 25, 1872
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