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[Manifiesto o Memoria.]

Description: Document handwritten by Agustín de Iturbide, containing a summary of the Revolution as well as the establishment and end of the Empire.
Date: September 27, 1823
Creator: Iturbide, Agustín de, 1783-1824
Partner: The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

[The Crazy Water Company - Stock Certificate]

Description: A certificate for 250 shares of Capital Stock in the Crazy Water Company, that once belonged to Boyce Ditto is shown here.
Date: September 23, 1948
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library

Exchange National Bank Pay to Sheriff Callahan

Description: Check from Exchange National Bank to Sheriff Callahan for 4.50 dollars on September 27, 1892. A note below the amount says, "to cover cost in work case." The check is signed by "Jagoe & Ponder." In 1892, W. A. Ponder was Vice President of the Exchange National Bank. There are two signatures on the back of the check for J. M. Jones and Sheriff Callahan.
Date: September 27, 1891
Creator: Exchange National Bank
Partner: Denton Public Library

Phrenological journal

Description: Front cover of the American Phrenological Journal. Vol.XII, Sept. #9.
Date: September 1850
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

[Stock in Washington County Railroad]

Description: Stock in Washington County Railroad purchased by Y.S. Veazey. Lois Jean Cooper Mayer Collection, Supplement 2
Date: September 1, 1858
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

Land Grant to J.C. Clark

Description: Grant for 160 acres in Walker County on the Trinity River signed by Governor R.B. Hubbard
Date: September 12, 1878
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

Handbill announcing Garfield's death

Description: Copy of the "Last Bulletin" announcing the death of President James Garfield, Sept. 19, 1881, 11:30 p.m., Elberon, N.J.
Date: September 19, 1881
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

Court martial of Private John Carroll in Brownsville, TX

Description: Court martial of Carroll who was charged with, (1) "Conduct Prejudicial to Good Order and Military Disciplinel," (2) Assault, with intent to commit Rape, and (3) Assault, with intent to kill."
Date: September 19, 1864
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

Washington County legal documents

Description: Writ requesting Sheriff to summon Andrew Crawford for court appearance to answer petition of Thomas Reed
Date: September 7, 1841
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

[Organizing Meeting of Beth-El Congregation]

Description: Minutes from the organizing meeting of the Beth-El Congregation in Fort Worth on September 21, 1902.
Date: September 21, 1902
Creator: Carb, Isadore, congregation secretary
Partner: Fort Worth Jewish Archives

[Receipt for Hartsford Howard, September 19 1857]

Description: Receipt for Hartsford Howard in the amount of six hundred and forty dollars for warrants and land. The document is signed by Augustine Siblock.
Date: September 19, 1857
Creator: Siblock, Augustine
Partner: Log Cabin Village

[Receipt for Occupation Tax, September 9 1863]

Description: The document is a receipt for occupation tax. The tax was paid by Mr. J. Parks for the amount of fifty dollars for the occupation of retail merchant. The document is dated 9-3-1863 and signed by James M. Shepherd.
Date: September 3, 1863
Creator: Shepherd, James M.
Partner: Log Cabin Village

[Tax receipt for R.P. Crockett]

Description: Tax receipt for R.P. Crockett for the sum of Twenty-one dollars and forty-nine cents. This document was signed by J.C. Hightower, the sheriff of Hood County in 1872.
Date: September 25, 1872
Creator: Hightower, J.C.
Partner: Log Cabin Village
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