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[Correspondence between Meyer Bodansky and Vernon A. Wilkerson - November 1940]

Description: Letters between Dr. Meyer Bodansky and Dr. Vernon A. Wilkerson, who is the Head of the Department of Biochemistry at Howard University in Washington D.C. The two letters are dated November 7, 1940 and November 12, 1940. The second letter, which is from Dr. Wilkerson, requests that Dr. Bodansky schedule time to come see Howard University during his visit to Washington D.C. The first letter is Dr. Bodansky's response to the letter.
Date: November 7, 1940
Creator: Bodansky, Meyer, 1896-1941 & Wilkerson, Vernon A.
Partner: Moody Medical Library, UT

[Letter from Abraham Cronbach to Isaac H. Kempner, November 7, 1962]

Description: Letter from Abraham Cronbach to Isaac H. Kempner discussing an article he was asked to write about Henry Cohen and requesting that the latter fill out a questionnaire to aid with that. The page following that is the questionnaire.
Date: November 7, 1962
Creator: Cronbach, Abraham
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Letter from Arthur M. Alpert to Lawrence Adams, November 7, 1961]

Description: Letter from Arthur M. Alpert to Lawrence Adams discussing the Kempner's bills from St. Mary's Infirmary and Blue Cross and asking Adams to use the bills to submit a claim for reimbursement of expenses under I. H. Kempner's coverage with the Bank's Employers Casualty policy.
Date: November 7, 1961
Creator: Alpert, Arthur M.
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Letter from Bettie Franklin, November 7, 1875]

Description: Bettie was unable to write a quick letter before Robbe left and she wanted to send some patterns and a dress that needs work done on it. She mentions it was unbearably hot inside the house. Someone is very sick and wants to see Charles and his wife soon. She sends all of her love to the relatives and hopes that Charles is done with his wheat so they can come visit.
Date: November 7, 1875
Creator: Franklin, Bettie
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Brown & Root, Inc. to Mr. Harris Kempner, November 7, 1956]

Description: Letter from Brown Booth to Harris L. Kempner expressing pleasure at learning Harris is to be on the foreign relations committee for Houston and discussing committee dues. Enclosed is an outline for their second meeting and the speaker who will be present.
Date: November 7, 1956
Creator: Brown & Root, Inc.
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Letter from Captain A. H. Dennison to Major Thos. N. Carswell - November 7, 1941]

Description: A letter written to Thos. N. Carswell, Major, Infantry Commanding Tenth Battalion, Abilene, Texas, from A. H. Dennison, Captain, Inf. 34th Battalion Staff, Texas Defense Guard, Odessa, Texas, dated November 7, 1941. Dennison acknowledges his receipt of the invitation from Carswell to attend the Armistice Day program but declines the invitation due to previous arrangements.
Date: November 7, 1941
Creator: Dennison, A. H.
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Letter from Catherine Davis to Joe Davis - November 7, 1944]

Description: Letter from Catherine to her husband Joe discussing news from home, including a phone call from Bef Walcowich about selling the car, which she decided not to do, as well as a lunch with Jenny and Mammy where she found a snake in the cabinet.
Date: November 7, 1944
Creator: Davis, Catherine Dawe
Partner: National Museum of the Pacific War/Admiral Nimitz Foundation

[Letter from Charles B. Selby to J. A. Kemp, November 7, 1907]

Description: Letter from Charles B. Selby to J. A. Kemp discussing an assignment from Joseph Galaske, who recently purchased land from Kemp. Galaske expects that he can pay the remaining balance through the sale of his farm. Selby advises Kemp to make a copy of the assignment and send the original to the local Farmer's and Merchant's Bank. Selby wants to protect Galaske.
Date: November 7, 1907
Creator: Selby, Charles B.
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library
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