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[A Santa Fe locomotive "AT Booth Tex. Nov. 11, 1911".]

Description: Photograph (copy) of a Santa Fe locomotive "AT Booth Tex. Nov. 11, 1911" as written on the bottom of the photograph in white. Banner on the locomotive reads: SANTA FE TYPE MALLET ARTICULATED COMPOUND LOCOMOTIVE LARGEST LOCOMOTIVE IN THE WORLD BUILT AT TOPEKA SHOPS LENGTH 120 FEET 7 INCHES WEIGHT 850,000 POUNDS MOTIVE POWER 110,000 POUNDS COST $43,880.00 1911 (the rest is not legible). Two men are standing to the left of photograph and four men and one woman wearing a white dress are standing to the right of the photograph. A small tree is in the bottom right corner. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: November 11, 1911
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[photograph of I.H. Kempner, Jr. sent to Sarah Thompson in November of 1953]

Description: Photograph of I.H. "Herbert" Kempner Jr. sent to Sarah Thompson in November of 1953 by Imperial Sugar Company president. The portrait is mounted on a tan matte which reads: George Maniatia 45 West 57th Street, N.Y. The photograph is encased in a tan folder with the same photographer name on front. Photograph shows I.H. Kempner Jr. seated in a wooden chair (Photo ends at hips). Kempner Jr. is wearing a suit (with stripe pattern) white shirt, and tie with diamond shapes of multi colors. He has thin, dark hair and has his hands folded across his lap. Image dimensions are: 18.4 cm X 24.3 cm
Date: November 1953
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Sunday School class of Christian Church]

Description: Photograph (copy) of a Sunday School class of Christian Church that was built in early 1900's. First row of children is seated on the grass. Second row is standing. Two adults in back of group: to left a man wearing a dark jacket and white shirt; to right a woman wearing a light colored dress with white collar and a large hat. The group is standing in front of a white wooden building (two windows visible). Bottom of photo reads; PHOTO BY HOLMAN ROSENBERG, NOVEMBER 1912. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: November 1912
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

Pittman Street and Grove Road, 1968, Richardson, Texas

Description: Intersection of Pittman Street and Grove Road, looking northeast. Taken from Pittman Street, the photograph shows the NW corner of the "T" intersection (Pittman Street terminates). At the corner is the street sign, a fire hydrant, and a support cable for a utility pole. That corner of the intersection has concrete curbs and sidewalks. To the east of Grove Road is a large, cut/mowed. field. One small clump of trees is on the left, and a small area of un-cut grass/crop is on the right. The elevated railroad is on the horizon. Just visible above the hydrant is the railroad underpass on Frances Way. Low, long, light-colored roofs are behind the left portion of the railroad. Just left/north of the underpass, behind the railroad, is a water tower.
Date: November 25, 1968
Partner: Richardson Public Library
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