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[Letter from Jennings Randolph to Eleanor Brown, November 22, 1976]

Description: Letter from Jennings Randolph to Eleanor Brown discussing support for legislation that would award veterans' benefits to the WASPs. He mentions that the House of Representatives failed to pass the section of H.R. 71 that would provide hospital and medical benefits to those who served in the WASP program. He assures her that the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee will continue to work with the House to resolve the issues preventing the legislation from passing.
Date: November 22, 1976
Creator: Randolph, Jennings
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[Correspondence between Herman E. Talmadge and Eleanor Brown]

Description: Letter from Senator Talmadge to Eleanor Brown acknowledging receipt of her letter. He mentions that he has forwarded her letter to one of her Congressional representatives. A typewritten response from Brown at the bottom of the letter requests that her letter be given to Talmadge since he serves on the Senate's Veterans' Affairs Committee.
Date: November 23, 1976
Creator: Talmadge, Herman E.
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[Correspondence from Strom Thurmond to Eleanor Brown, December 3, 1976]

Description: Correspondence from Strom Thurmond to Eleanor Brown discussing military benefits for the women who served in the WASP program. The first enclosure is a letter from the Department of the Air Force on this issue and the second enclosure is a copy of Thurmond's initial response to Brown.
Date: December 3, 1976
Creator: Thurmond, Strom, 1902-2003
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[Name Card for Debbie Truax]

Description: A name card with the name of WASP Deborah Truax written in the center beneath #15. In both the top left and right corners, a Texas symbols with a star and five rings can be seen with the words, "American Bicentennial in Texas 1976" encircling it.
Date: 1976
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[1976 WASP Reunion Ticket]

Description: Box lunch ticket for the 1976 Women Airforce Service Pilots reunion in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The ticket features and Order of Fifinella logo with a flying Fifinella.
Date: 1976
Creator: Women Airforce Service Pilots (U.S.)
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[Clipping: "WASP's Only Footnote to USAF History Now"]

Description: Newspaper clipping from The Sentinel-Record titled "WASP's only footnote to USAF history now" written by Don Thomason. It discusses the advanced the training the Women Airforce Service Pilots went through and their sacrifices, only for none of them to receive proper military recognition, government insurance, or familial compensation for the 38 WASPs lost in service. It also discusses Col. Bruce Arnold's failed attempt at getting WASP-centered bills passed through Congress and the death of Nancy Love, former head of the Ferry Command of WASP. The back of the clipping reveals part of the CAC (Community Adult Center) calendar and an article written by Vivian Brown. This article discusses the increase in housing sales to "foreigners."
Date: October 24, 1976
Creator: Thomason, Don & Brown, Vivian
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum
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