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Primary view of [Clipping: Advertising Jack Hampton's campaign]
unknown creator
November 2, 1992
Primary view of [Clipping: Barbara Rosenberg]
unknown creator
November 25, 1992
Primary view of [Clipping: Democrat sees silver lining even if judge hopefuls lose]
Belli, Anne
November 2, 1992
Primary view of [Clipping: Four Richards appointees lose judicial contests]
unknown creator
November 4, 1992
Primary view of [Clipping: GOP momentum]
unknown creator
November 10, 1994
Primary view of [Clipping: Judge helped post vote-fraud signs]
Brown, Jeff
November 11, 1982
Primary view of [Clipping: Judgement Day]
Inside Dallas
November 1992
Primary view of [Clipping: Richards' Judges on 5th Court Bat .500]
unknown creator
November 9, 1992
Primary view of [D Magazine clippings: The Pink Mafia, How Gays Gained Power and Status in the Nation's Most Conservative City]
unknown creator
November 1996
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