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Primary view of 2013 Black Tie Dinner
unknown creator
Primary view of 2012 Black Tie Dinner: Affair of the Heart
Black Tie Dinner Board of Directors
Primary view of 2011 Black Tie Dinner: Shine
Black Tie Dinner Board of Directos
Primary view of The 2009 Black Tie Dinner: Courage, Hope, Inspiration
unknown creator
Primary view of The 2008 Black Tie Dinner: Stories Untold: Let Your Life Speak
unknown creator
Primary view of [Black tie dinner advertisement]
unknown creator
Primary view of The 2007 Black Tie Dinner: All You Need is Love
unknown creator
Primary view of Black Tie Dinner: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary
unknown creator
Primary view of An American Celebration
unknown creator
Primary view of [D Magazine clippings: The Pink Mafia, How Gays Gained Power and Status in the Nation's Most Conservative City]
unknown creator
November 1996
Primary view of [Clipping: GOP momentum]
unknown creator
November 10, 1994
Primary view of Dallas Shares the Memories: The Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt
unknown creator
Primary view of [Photocopy of clipping: Hatch Act Eased for All But a Few, October 4th, 1993]
Hughes, Ken
October 4, 1993
Primary view of 10th annual alan ross texas freedom parade
unknown creator
September 19, 1993
Primary view of [Letter from Rachel T. McCall to Barbara Rosenberg, July 18, 1993]
McCall, Rachel T.
July 18, 1993
Primary view of [Complaint investigation form]
unknown creator
March 22, 1993
Primary view of [Letter to John Hannah, Jr. from Ann W. Richard, December 30, 1991]
Richards, Ann W.
December 30, 1992
Primary view of [Letter to Justice Rosenberg from John Hannah, Jr., December 11, 1992]
Hannah, John Jr.
December 11, 1992
Primary view of [Clipping: Gay Rights Groups Hail Defeat of Judge in Texas]
unknown creator
December 4, 1992
Primary view of [Clipping: Barbara Rosenberg]
unknown creator
November 25, 1992
Primary view of [Certification of Rosenberg's election]
unknown creator
November 18, 1992
Primary view of [Clipping: Richards' Judges on 5th Court Bat .500]
unknown creator
November 9, 1992
Primary view of [Clipping: Four Richards appointees lose judicial contests]
unknown creator
November 4, 1992
Primary view of [Clipping: Advertising Jack Hampton's campaign]
unknown creator
November 2, 1992
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