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[Translation of "Ordnung und Regeln"]

Description: Translation of German portions of a book containing the rules and regulations for the operation of the institutional property of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and Other States. Included is a cover page with translation notes.
Date: May 31, 2015
Creator: Huenlich, David
Partner: Concordia University Texas

[Concordia Student Body, 1989-1990]

Description: Photograph of the Lutheran Concordia College of Texas student body standing in front of Kilian Hall. Most of the students are standing in a square group while holding balloons. Other students can be seen in the windows of Kilian Hall. Kilian Hall itself is a two-story brick building with a tile roof. "Concorida Lutheran College" appears on a sign above the entrance to the right.
Date: 1990~
Partner: Concordia University Texas

[Concordia Board of Regents]

Description: Photograph of the Lutheran Concordia College of Texas Board of Regents sitting around a rectangular wooden table with papers in front of them. The men are all wearing suits and are identified from left to right as: Paul Nerger, F. Reinhold Leschber, Reverend Albert F. Jesse, Reverend George Beto, Albert Schulz, and Reverend William Meyer. Handwritten notes appear on the back of the photo with cropping information and other notations.
Date: unknown
Partner: Concordia University Texas

[Four People in the Chancel of St. Paul Lutheran Church]

Description: Photograph of three men standing on either side of a woman in the chancel of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Austin, Texas. The people are identified as Reverend Immanuel Janssen, Robert Bauer, Mary Bauer, and Reverend Doctor Ray Fred Martens. The men are wearing dark pinstripe suits, while Mary Bauer wears a sweater and plaid skirt. Martens holds a folded award with an embossed insignia. The Bauers and Martens wear name tags. A decorated Christmas tree is visible behind the group.
Date: unknown
Partner: Concordia University Texas
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