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Primary view of [Transcript of Exhibit No. 7: An Exhibit of Mills and Buildings at Mine á Breton, November 29, 1829]
unknown creator
unknown creation date
Primary view of [Transcript of account between James F. Perry and Israel McGready, March 23, 1833]
unknown creator
March 23, 1833
Primary view of [Transcript of receipt for amounts paid and owed by Richard L. Sutherland, August 4, 1829]
unknown creator
August 4, 1829
Primary view of [Transcript of memorandum from Moses Austin to James Bryan, [1819?]]
unknown creator
Primary view of [Transcript of Potosi Academy Lottery ticket, March 8, 1817]
unknown creator
March 8, 1817
Primary view of [Transcript of memorandum from Moses Austin to John Brickey, February 22, 1815]
unknown creator
February 22, 1815
Primary view of [Transcript of memorandum of agreement between Andrew Dinwiddy and Moses Austin, December 25, 1811]
unknown creator
December 25, 1811
Primary view of [Transcript of agreement to pay Elias Bates, March 18, 1810]
unknown creator
March 18, 1810
Primary view of [Transcript of statement written by Anthony Soulard describing Moses Austin's activities at Mine á Breton, [1800?]]
unknown creator
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