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[Deed for Land in Grapevine, Texas]

Description: Land deed from E. A. Hudgins to E. R. Boardman in 1871 agreeing to sell a piece of land located in Grapevine, Texas for the sum of $300. Below this agreement is a statement acknowledging the parties involved appeared freely and in person. The official certificates state that this deed has officially been filed and registered with the county in 1874.
Date: April 26, 1874
Partner: City of Grapevine

[Shoe Ration Letter from William A. Molster to Earl Yates, August 7, 1945]

Description: Letter from William A. Molster to Earl Yates discussing "Amendment 107 to Ration Order 17, which permits the selling on a ration-free basis of men's and women's lox priced shoes." The letter walks him through the application process, and contains the form needed to be filled out and sent to his district office.
Date: August 7, 1945
Creator: Molster, William A.
Partner: City of Grapevine

[Letter from June Yates to his Mother]

Description: Letter from June Yates to his mother describing his actions and activities in Germany; he says, though, that he will not be home early as he had originally planned. He also goes into detail about the weather in Germany and talks of the letters he has received from other individuals.
Date: 1945-06-22~
Creator: Yates, June
Partner: City of Grapevine

[Letter from B. R. Wall to Earl Yates, June 1, 1941]

Description: Letter from B. R. Wall to Earl Yates inviting him to "smoke the pipe of peace with the BBraves and Warriors of Caddo Tribe No. 30" on June 20, 1941. Also enclosed is a card with with "I am" and other "I" phrases highlighting the individual's citizenship and devotion to the United States of America. The envelope these were placed in is also included in the record.
Date: June 1, 1941
Creator: Wall, B. R.
Partner: City of Grapevine

[Three Bank Notes for J. E. M. Yates]

Description: Three bank notes prepared for J. E. M. Yates. The first acknowledges that J. M. Davis will pay him $15 with an interest rate of 10% per annum as of January 1, 1906. The second note is dated October 1, 1906 and says that P. C. Davis "one year after date, I, we, or either of us, promise to pay...twenty seven and 45/100 Dollars." The third note is dated January 16, 1902 and stipulates that P. C. Davis "On Oct 1st 1902 after date I, we, or, either of us, promise to pay to the order of J. E. M. Yates" $18 with ten percent interest.
Date: {1902-01-16..1906-10-01}
Creator: The M. P. Exline Co.
Partner: City of Grapevine

[Newspaper Clipping of Four National Guard Captains]

Description: Newspaper clipping showing four pictures of the "Captains of Four Companies of Texas National Guard Mustered in Yesterday." The captains of the companies are: S. A. Stewart, Arch C. Allen, Ben H. Smith, Frank Wozencraft; also included is the envelope that the clipping was delivered in to Ensign June Yates.
Date: July 5, 1917
Partner: City of Grapevine

[Letter from June Yates to Cal Yates]

Description: Letter from June Yates to Cal describing his travels across Germany after the war was over. June notes the destruction that the bombs inflicted on some of the large cities and testifies for the accuracy of the horror stories told from the concentration camps; they are still very busy as they are the only hospital for miles.
Date: 1945-05-21~
Creator: Yates, June
Partner: City of Grapevine

[Grapevine Public Schools Information Booklet]

Description: Booklet presented by the Grapevine Public Schools outlining the school information for the various grade levels; one of the pages discusses the classes of 1920 and 1921 saying that some of them have already gone on the college and have already started "making good." Many of the pages contain advertisements for nearby businesses.
Date: 1921
Partner: City of Grapevine

[Letter from A. D. Whiteside Concerning Financial Statements, January 2, 1935]

Description: Letter from A. D. Whiteside requesting financial statements from business partners as "[i]t is extremely important under existing conditions to expedite...the flow of merchandise and finance." Whiteside's company is "the largest agency in the world...acting between you and your sources of credit." Also included in the record is the envelope that the letter was delivered in.
Date: January 2, 1935
Creator: Whiteside, A. D.
Partner: City of Grapevine