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Oral History Interview with Louis Belk, April 22, 2003

Description: Interview with Louis Belk, a B-17 Waist Gunner who served with the U.S. Army Air Corps (Air Force) in World War II from San Antonio, Texas. Belk describes his time training in Texas and experiences serving in England. He also talks about what it was like returning home to the United States from the war.
Date: December 19, 2004
Creator: Heath, Amanda & Belk, Louis
Partner: Lee College

Oral History Interview with Harold Aiken, April 9, 2002

Description: Interview with Harold Aiken, a veteran of the Korean War from Highlands, Texas. The transcript includes a list of questions and Aiken's responses about his service in the U.S. Army (1946-1949) and impressions while stationed in Korea. While in the service, Aiken served as a truck mechanic for the 7th Division.
Date: February 19, 2003
Creator: Eakin, Elizabeth & Aiken, Harold G., Jr.
Partner: Lee College

Oral History Interview with Charley Cole, April 14, 2001

Description: Interview with Charley Cole, a veteran of the U.S. Army who served in the Korean War and was wounded in action. Cole describes his time with the 34th Regiment in Korea at length, with many details about various combat missions and the weapons utilized. He also speaks on his injuries, including being shot in the shoulder.
Date: October 23, 2003
Creator: Cole, Charley
Partner: Lee College

Oral History Interview with J. O. Horn, April 11, 2001

Description: Interview with Master Sergeant J. O. Horn, a veteran of World War II in the Pacific Theater. Horn answers questions and goes into great detail about his training and experience overseas including living conditions during his time on Saipan. Horn also discusses his like back home once he was discharged from the service after the war was over.
Date: June 16, 2003
Creator: York, Ann Marie & Horn, J. O.
Partner: Lee College

Oral History Interview with Boyd H. Mitchell, Spring 2002

Description: Interview with Boyd H. Mitchell, a veteran of World War II serving in the 36th Infantry Division. Mitchell answers questions about his time in the Army, such as his training, living conditions, supplies, etc. Mitchell also shares about his experience during the invasion of Italy through Salerno and the Army's advance up through France, Germany, and Austria; the end of the interview includes questions about life once he got home.
Date: Spring 2002
Creator: Gace, Michael & Mitchell, Boyd H.
Partner: Lee College

Oral History Interview with Ernest Hamilton, April 17, 2004

Description: Interview with Ernest Hamilton, a veteran of World War II during the Battle of the Bulge, from Florence, Arkansas. Hamilton answers questions and explains his duties while in Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge as well as time as a POW in Brandenburg. Hamilton says volunteered to go to Japan after the war was over and soon became involved in the Korean War.
Date: May 18, 2005
Creator: Walker, Tracy & Hamilton, Ernest
Partner: Lee College