The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 3, July 1899 - April, 1900

Affairs of the Association.


The midwinter meeting for the year 1899-1900 is to be held, on
the invitation of President Pritchett of the Sam Houston Normal,
at Huntsville, January 9th. The program has been sent to the
members, and an account of the proceedings will appear in the
April Quarterly.
The promised Indexes for Volumes I and II of the Quarterly
and the inadvertently omitted title page and table for Volume II
are printed with this number. The inconvenience of the delay to
those who have had the volumes bound as soon as they were complete
is much regretted, but it was unavoidable.
The success of the Association thus far has been very gratifying
to those who have a real interest in its work. A little more help
from these will assure its permanence. Read carefully the circulars
that have just been sent to the members, especially that asking for
subscriptions to an endowment fund, and see if you cannot do some-
thing in response.
Among the more important gifts lately made to the library of the
Association are a collection of public documents from Judge J. P.
Richardson, of Austin; two handsomely printed and scholarly mono-
graphs, the one on Quivira and the other on Harahey, from the au-
thor, J. V. Brower, Esq., of St. Paul, Minnesota; and a MS. in-
cluding copies of interesting matter relating mainly to the Texas
career of Capt. John Sowers Brooks, one of the victims of the Goliad
massacre, from Gen. John E. Roller, of Harrisonburg, Virginia.
Besides these gifts that .are received from time to time, the exchange
list of the Quarterly is constantly bringing in valuable accessions.

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