The Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, Volume 3, July 1899 - April, 1900

288 Texas Historical Association Quarterly.

The reprints of the journal of Moses Austin, which appears in the
April number of the American Historical Review, have been distrib-
uted to the members of the Association. (There were not quite
enough of the reprints to supply all members, so a few of those who
have joined lately have not received them. They were sent, of
course, to the older members first.
It becomes necessary to purge the list of members to some extent.
Those who are far in arrears with their dues, ,of whom there are for-
tunately not a great many, need not expect to receive the QUARTERLY
after this number. The member that does not pay is as expensive as
one that does; and the Association, for economy's sake, will be
forced to exclude those who show a disposition to join permanently
the class of non-payers.
,The midwinter meeting of the Association was held at Huntsville,
January 9th and 10th. Visiting members were entertained by the
citizens of Huntsville, and the guests 'on that occasion will not soon
forget the hospitality of their hosts. In spite of the weather, which
was characterized by a heavy and almost continuous down-pour of
rain during the forenoon of the first day, the meeting was greatly
enjoyed by those present. The sessions were held at the Sam Hous-
ton NornAal Institute, and the interest displayed by the faculty and
students of the Institute entitles them to the hearty gratitude of the
The program included the following papers:
The Closing Hours of the Confederacy ......... John H. Reagan.
What the Texas Teacher can do for Texas History...........
........................... Mrs. Percy V. Pennybacker.
Another Texas Flag ......................George P. Garrison.
The Old Town of Huntsville. ................. .Harry F. Estill.
The Neglected Graves of our Heroes.......... .Rufus C. Burleson.

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