The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 36, July 1932 - April, 1933

Diary of Adolphus Sterne

Tuesday the 15th fair weather- left at 6 oclock A. M. took
Breakfeast at old Masters's arrived at Crockett at 2 P. M. rested
an hour, saw Mr Kirchoffer got a letter of Introduction from him
to a Mr B. Hudnall, where we arrived (14 miles beyond Crockett
on the Cincinnatti Road) at 7 P. M. we found the gentleman of
the Mansion, a gentleman in every sense of the word- his Lady
is in the United States made a conditional trade with him for his
Barouch, he asks 18 Cows & Calves, or the Equivalent. which I
intend to pay if I can- got a fine rural supper- dito Breakfeast,
and on
Wednesday the 1'6th at 6 A. M. Started, a lonely Road between
this and Cincinnatti- arrived at that place at 1l P. M., took
dinner at Mr Hunter's a tolorable good Tavern for Texas- the
Steamboat Vesta is here, River too low for her to go down-
found John Hall Sick at this place, Cincinnatti has not much
improved since I saw it last- left at 4 oclock P. M. arrived at
Huntsville at dark- found Mr McDonald's Brother very Sick-
was made aquainted with a Mr Hannah from Galvezton a Schotch
gentleman with whom I am much pleased, saw old Schotch Robert
formerly of this place- R. M. Williamson, commonly Called
Three legged Willie- he is a Candidate for the Senate for this
(Montgomery) Washington & Brassos Counties,- also Doctor
Barnett a Candidate for the same office, and Jessy Grimes, dito
candidate- saw my old friend Mr Hayden with whom I got
aquainted at Austin when there last- a clever fellow- Huntsville
is much improved since last I saw it in 1838, it will no doubt be
one of the most flourishing inland Towns in Texas. the Popula-
tion arround it is dense- and of the most respectable and sub-
stantial farmers I am much pleased with the place and the Country
arround it, and if I could meet with a purchaser of my House
here- would moove there
Thursday the 17th a very fine day- the People from the Country
arrived in great numbers early in the morning at 11 A M about
800 persons were assembled they done ample Justice to the Babacue,


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 36, July 1932 - April, 1933. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 26, 2016.

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