The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 37, July 1933 - April, 1934

136 Southwestern Historical Quarterly
Tuesday the 27th february 1844 fine Spring weather hard at
work in the garden, Eastern mail failed- the old negro Charles
I put to day in the Service of T. J. Jennings Esqr where he will
serve on account of the fee J.M. Watkins owes him on account
of the estate of Wm Cabble dcd, Sowed Rey to day, it is a little
late, but it will make a good Pasture,
Wednesday the 28th weather continues fine, and very warm all
the Trees are budding out, still hard at work in the garden, sow-
ing Reye, and ploughing up ground for Sweet Potatoes, was but
very little in the office to day- Mr Wm Graham returned from
Natchitochez last night he saw Mr Hoya, Nelson, and my Son
Charles near the Garrisson 25 miles from Natchitochez on Sun-
day Evening last, all well; Gel Henderson arrived to day from
Crockett Washington, Houston & Galveston, brought no particu-
lar news, received a Letter pr gel H. from David Akin Admin-
istrator of Oliver Akin decd dated New Orleans 29th January
1844, he says he will pay the monay I drew on him for, if he
can get his Papers, which he will receive pr Mr Eder who will
no doubt receive the monay and Mr Hoya will consequently bring
me the articles I send for.-
Thursday the 29th weather warm & Cloudy, had a very light
shower to day- was a short time at the Office and renewed some
Executions in favor of Js Eakin Admr of E. M. Eakin, done
some business for Chevallier, and worked in the garden the rest
of the day, and feel very fatigued at this present writing 7. P. M-
Friday the first March commenced to work in the garden this
morning, but rain drove me out of it, rained very hard for sev-
eral hours and continues to rain all day and at this time 7 P.
M- had several trials in the magistrates Court no news from
any quarter
Saturday the 2d Clear weather anniversary of our Independ-
ence (?) nothing doing in the Place, no one stirring- went out
to Mr John Dursts, for Eugenia, who has been out there a week

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