The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 42, July 1938 - April, 1939

Two WPA Projects of Historical Interest

The historic old Cabildo and the Louisiana State Museum,
housed in the Cabildo, threatened with decay and deterioration,
has been salvaged by the Works Progress Administration and
recently turned over to the sponsor, the board of curators of the
Louisiana State Museum.
The Cabildo was included in a project to restore historic Louisi-
ana buildings, including the Jackson House, the Pontalba build-
ings, Presbytere, and the Arsenal. The program carried on by
WPA to recondition the buildings was done at a cost of more
than $300,000.
The board of curators of the museum, applying for WPA aid,
stated that the buildings housed records, documents, and museum
pieces which were invaluable. The buildings were crumbling and
the work was of grave necessity.
All of the rotted flooring and woodwork, much of it the original
woodwork placed in the buildings nearly 200 years ago, was re-
placed. The woodwork that remained in good condition was repaired
where necessary.
The walls of ancient brick were repaired wherever possible but
in some instances entire walls were ripped down and replaced
with new brick.
The interior plaster was all removed and new plaster placed
on the walls after they had been repaired sufficiently to take coat-
ings of cement.
The plumbing system of the building was modernized. Inadequate
sewerage and drainage lines were relaid. Plumbing fixtures, most
of them antiquated and no longer serviceable, were replaced with
modern appliances.
The electrical wiring of the building was entirely overhauled.
New light fixtures were installed and a modern system of wiring
replaced the old units.
The walls and flooring of the structure were painted and the
exterior was also given a coat of paint.
A modern sprinkler system to guard against fires and to protect
the museum pieces housed in the building was installed.


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