The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 52, July 1948 - April, 1949

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DURING the long hot months of the summer just ending
the office force of the Association has been concerned
with a number of activities: the distribution of the
Terdn and Texas book, ways and means matters, the preparation
of the Hutchinson and Eaves manuscript on Post City for the
printers, and putting into page proof the copy for the forty-year
Cumulative Index and Mr. Winkler's Check List. Also Quarterly,
Junior Historian, and Handbook copy has had to be proofed and
The sale of Terdn and Texas has been encouraging. The bulk
of the edition has been sold; assurance can now be given that
the edition will be completely sold out within a relatively short
In connection with the book Association members should not
overlook Herbert Gambrell's fine review in the Dallas Morning
News for July 25.
Also J. M. Barker, of 20 North Wacker Drive, Chicago, who
has been prominently identified with the Encyclopaedia Britan-
nica and who knows Latin America through ten years' residence
in the Argentine, has written two letters regarding Terdn and
Texas which ought to become a part of the permanent record of
the book.
To Dr. Barker, the writer of the introduction, Mr. Barker
Recalling our correspondence of last December, I was glad to have
Leslie Waggener send me a copy of Terdn and Texas with your in-
troduction. I have not yet finished the book but I am sure from
what I have read of it already that the thoughtful American reader
will have found in it a basis for that improved understanding and
mutual respect of which you speak.
Also from the same source Dr. Morton received the following
Through Leslie Waggener's thoughtfulness I have had a chance
to read your Terdn and Texas, and I am writing you this note to tell

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