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The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 74, July 1970 - April, 1971

Book Notes

Book Notes
Travel Notes. By Stefan Nesterowicz. Translated by Marion Moore Cole-
man. (Cheshire, Conn.: Cherry Hill Books, 1970. Pp. xii + 116. Intro-
duction, illustrations, notes. Paper $5.00.)
This recent translation of Notatki Z Podrd y (Toledo, 19go9), reveals
the panoramic story of the land and life of the Polish people in the South
and Southwest as seen through the eyes of a newspaperman. It is travelogue
for the Polish readers of the Toledo Weekly Ameryka-Echo, written in a
conversational style, revealing the experiences of the author and the Poles
living in the area.
Of special interest is the section on Texas cities, since it contains details
on the origins of the Polish communities, and interviews with their out-
standing citizens. The author does have an obsession about reporting
the net financial worth of the people he meets, along with the property
values in each area.
The last section, "General Observations on Texas as a Field for Polish
Colonization" is an excellent testimonial to the potential offered immi-
grants by this state for prosperity and good health.
This volume adds further valuable data to a long neglected area: the
role of the Polish people in southern history.
Handbook for Members of the Big Thicket Association. Edited by Maxine
Johnston. Big Thicket Museum Publication Series, No. 1. (Saratoga,
Texas: The Museum, 1970. $.50.)
Big Thicket Bibliography. Compiled by Lois Williams Parker. Big
Thicket Museum Publication Series, No. 2 (Saratoga, Texas: The
Museum, 1970. $2.oo.)
A small but enterprising new museum sponsored by the Big Thicket
Association has embarked on a promising new venture-publication of
a series containing material pertinent to the fabled Big Thicket of East
Number 1 in the series is a Handbook for Members of the Association,
with a cover sketch of Lance Rosier, the late naturalist who was known
throughout the nation as "Mr. Big Thicket." In addition to the list of
members the book includes the association's articles of incorporation, its
constitution and by-laws, its history, committee reports, and a reprint of
the Sierra Club map of the proposed Big Thicket National Park.
The second item in the series is an annotated Big Thicket Bibliography,
compiled by Mrs. Lois Williams Parker. Its 242 items cover "plants,
animals, geology, conservation of resources, industry (lumber, oil, and
agriculture), county and village history, prominent citizens, community
life, Indians, literature (drama, fiction, and folklore), travel journals, and


Texas State Historical Association. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 74, July 1970 - April, 1971. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 5, 2016.

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