The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 49, July 1945 - April, 1946

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YroHticr, 1803-1814
Letter 21
Natchitoches July 17th 1811
About one Month ago Three or four Spanish Gentlemen from
Saint Antonio came to this Town,9 they brought with them
about Twenty Thousand Dollars in Cash which they layed out
here in Merchandise which they took away Packed on Mules,"
on their return home they were waylaied at the River Sabine
by fifteen or sixteen Armed Men all said to be Citizens of the
United States & Robed of all their Goods. The Spaniards pro-
ceeded on to Nacogdoches, as well as they Could & the Robbers
encamped on this side the Sabine with their booty. Three or
four days after the officer Commanding at Nacogdoches Sent
about thirty Soldiers (Cavalry) Accompanied by the persons
who had been Robbed, who Crossed the Sabine attacked the
'On March 2, 1811, the royalists, displeased with the regime of Casas,
staged a counter-revolution in San Antonio, reestablishing the rule of the
Spaniards. They imprisoned Casas, with other rebels and the envoys of
Jim6nez. These latter included Ignacio Aldama, Father Juan Salazar, two
Franciscans, and several soldiers; their coffers were heavy with silver bars.
They were commissioned to the United States to obtain supplies and men.
For details see Garrett, Green Flag Over Texas, 50-58; J. Villisana Haggard,
"The counter-Revolution of B6xar, 1811," The Southwestern Historical Quar-
terly, XLIII, 222-235.
'oAfter the counter-revolution in Texas, free commerce, which had been
established by the rebels between Texas and Louisiana, was abolished.
However, the restored Spanish government in San Antonio sent officials
to Natchitoches to trade; their purses were filled with the money they
had taken from Jimenez's envoys. In December, 1811, Don Nemesio, who
had forbidden even communication with Louisiana, authorized trade with
Natchitoches in order to obtain gifts for distribution among the Indians.
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September 18, 1811, Historia Operaciones de Guerra; Salcedo, Manuel,
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