A thumb-nail history of the city of Houston, Texas, from its founding in 1836 to the year 1912

only become better acquainted, but better satisfied
with taxation.
The city of Houston should no longer wait for a
park system. Land is becoming dearer every year.
While the city has purchased additional park
ground during the year, yet we are very deficient in
this respect. We have a splendid board of park
commissioners and I recommend that the city of
Houston issue at least $250,000 park bonds or more
this year in order to secure a good start in this respect.
Now that the auditorium is completed I recommend
that it be used for the best interest of the
community. I am very anxious to see the social
conditions of our people improved, especially on
Sundays. On the first of May next Houston will
have one of the finest bands in the United States.
It will be maintained by the city. Not only will
there be instrumental music, but some of the best
vocal music in the country.
In addition to the musical part of the afternoons'
and nights' entertainments on Sunday there
can be secured good, wholesome picture shows, lectures
and other entertainments that will tend to educate
the people and make them happy and contented.
All these entertainments will be free for the
people and especially to the working classes will this
program be satisfactory, as they can enjoy the best
music and best lectures at absolutely no cost Once
inaugurated and well established, I believe this
work of our city government will go a long ways to-

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