Texas Heritage, Winter 1985


* Moving to the Examination Room
Only small paintings may be safely
carried by one person. They should be
supported at the top and the bottom.
Large paintings should be supported
by two people. The face of the painting
should be towards the carriers.
Extra large paintings should be moved
on a rolling cart.
* Examination Room and Proper Dress
Work area should be spotlessly clean;
tools and chemicals should be in trays.
Use padded supports, only turn face
down if there is no loose or flaking
Never wear hanging necklaces or bracelets.
Large rings that can scratch or
catch on the painting should be removed
before work starts.
Do try to provide the proper storage
conditions-40 to 50% relative humidity
and a temperature of 65 to 70F.
Stable temperature and relative humidity
is important.

A good way to document losses, tears,
flaking paint, etc. is to draw a line to
the affected area on the photograph
and explain it in your documentation


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