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  Partner: Wilson County Historical Society
 Decade: 1910-1919
 Language: English
Saspamco-Sewer Pipe Factory, 1914-1915

Saspamco-Sewer Pipe Factory, 1914-1915

Date: 1914/1915~
Creator: unknown
Description: Three photographs of the San Antonio Sewer Pipe Manufacturing Company factory in Saspamco, Texas. At the top, two men wearing suits and hats are standing on a brick wall, in front of two additional brick-wall tiers; the ground below them appears to be graveled. The photograph on the bottom-left appears to be the front of the factory; the building has checkered brick-patterns and a series of windows. The third photo, on the right side shows a dirt path outside the factory. Pipe pieces are stacked to the right of the path and, on the left, various other items are stacked around curved fencing; several tall pillars are visible in the background. Text below the photographs says: "Saspamco -- Sewer Pipe Factory, Around 1914 or 1915."
Contributing Partner: Wilson County Historical Society
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