Sweetwater/Nolan County City-County Library

About this Partner

The Sweetwater/Nolan County City-County Library contributes hundreds of issues of the Sweetwater Reporter; a daily newspaper from the city of Sweetwater, Texas. The papers are from 2010- 2012 and contain local, state, and national news, as well as advertising.

The Library was established in 1907 and seeks to provide a secure and dynamic environment for learning to the community with access to informational, recreational, and educational resources. Through a combination of technological and traditional library services, the Library hopes to adequately serve all citizens of Nolan County.

Contact Information

Name: Rebecca Brock
Partner URL: http://www.sweetwaterlibrary.org/

County-City Library
206 Elm St.
Sweetwater, TX 79556

Phone: 325-235-4978