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[Hans Larsen Family Portrait]
Black and white photograph of the Hans Larsen family, posing for a professional portrait. Hans, who is wearing a suit jacket, is standing behind his family and has one hand on the shoulder of his son, who is wearing a collared shirt that has a four-button placket and a bowtie. Hans' daughter stands directly in front of him, wearing a dark, laced-collared dress that comes to her knees. Birte Marie is seated to the right and is wearing a long, dark dress. The background behind them has painted palm leaves.
[Portrait of a Married Danish Couple]
Black and white photograph of a husband and a wife, Ole Nielsen and Sidst Marie Nielsdatter. They are posed for a professional photograph and are wearing formal attire. Ole is sitting in an embellished chair; his arm is resting on the arm of the chair. Sidst is standing to his right, with her arm behind him.
Portrait of Sophie Jensen Olson
Black and white photograph of a woman, Sophie Jensen Olson, who is the wife of J.P. Olson. She is wearing dark clothing that features a ruffled top and a high collar. Her hair is pulled back tight. The portrait is vignetted so that only her bust and above are visible.