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[1921 Confirmation Class]
Photograph of adolescent boys and girls gathered for a group picture, which was taken during their confirmation ceremony in Danevang, Texas. They are just to the right of a church wall, which has five visible windows with pointed tops. They are all dressed in formal attire. The boys wear dark suits and the girls, all in the front row, wear light-colored dresses with cinched waists. Some names have been provided, but they have not been matched properly to individual positions in the image.
1922 Confirmation
Black and white postcard featuring on its front the image of a confirmation class belonging to the [Danevang Lutheran Church]. The class, comprised of four girls and five boys, sit on a bench in front of the church building, which has its doors and windows open. The girls are seated on the bench with an older man identified as Pastor Rodlhom, while the boys stand behind them dressed in suits. Pastor Rodlhom is wearing a light-colored suit and holding a hat in front of his lap.
1923 Confirmation
A black and white postcard of a confirmation class belonging to the [Danevang Lutheran Church]. On the front of the postcard is an image of the class standing by a niche of the building's exterior. Eight girls in white dresses are seated in front of a row of five boys in dark suits and ties. The girls' feet rest on a grassy lawn. An older male identified as Pastor Rodlhom stands in the middle of the back row amongst the boys.
1924 Confirmation
A black and white photograph of a confirmation class belonging to the [Danevang Lutheran Church]. Four girls in white dresses stand in front of a row of five boys in dark suits and ties. They are posed before a set of doors.
1924 Confirmation Class
Photograph of the 1924 Danevang Ansgar Lutheran Church confirmation class, consisting of a group of adolescent boys and girls separated into two rows. The back row is composed of the boys, who wear similar dark three-piece suits. The front row consists of the girls, who wear light-colored dresses. Their hair has been styled in short bobs. Names have been provided, but have been matched properly in another photograph where they were in different positions (see note).
1924 Confirmation Class
Photograph of the 1924 Danevang Ansgar Lutheran Church confirmation class, consisting of a group of adolescent boys and girls. They are standing on the front steps of the church, wearing formal attire and separated into rows by gender, with the girls in the front and the boys in the back. Additionally, there is an unidentified man behind the boys standing in front of a set of double doors. The girls, from left to right, have been identified as Marie Brodsgaard, Dagny M. Hansen, Ester Juhl, and Esther Knudsen. The boys have been identified from left to right as Hans F. Hansen, Ejolf Larsen Wind, J. C. Theodor Jensen, Harry Lauritsen, and Eddie Petersen.
1925 Confirmation
A black and white photograph of a confirmation class belonging to the {Danevang Lutheran Church]. The group, consisting of five boys and six girls, stand on the steps in front of the church doors. The boys are dressed in dark three piece suits while the girls are wearing white dresses. Two boys have hats; one holds his hat in front of his legs while the other holds his hat down by his side. A label has been affixed to the front of the photograph, listing in handwriting the names of those in the picture.
1925 Confirmation Class
Photograph of an all-female confirmation class in Danevang, Texas. They are standing on a dirt road holding hands. They wear knee-length dresses with stockings and heeled strap shoes. They have been identified by their first name only, from left to right, as Agnes, Katherine, Annie, Ellen, Emma, Lila, and Myrtle. This information is hand-written in blue ink on the top. A geometric, decorative border surrounds the photograph.
1927 Confirmation
Black and white photograph of a confirmation class standing in front of the [Danevang Lutheran Church]. Three girls in white dresses and eight boys wearing three-piece suits stand on the steps of the building. The church's front windows and doors are visible behind the group. A decorative border frames the picture.
1928 Confirmation Class
Black and white photograph of four young girls in white dresses linking arms and standing next to some shrubbery.
1929 Confirmation
A black and white photograph of a mixed group of nine male individuals and seven girls posed for their confirmation class picture. They stand on the steps in front of the [Danevang Lutheran Church]. The church's front windows and doors are visible. The men are wearing suits and the girls are wearing white dresses. Many of the girls have a flower pinned to their dress. The photograph is framed in a decorative border.
Accordion Player
Copy print of a young man, identified as Glen Hutson, standing on a wooden boardwalk leaning against a railing. Behind him, there is a disorderly woodland of different species of plants and trees. He wears a hat, pants and matching waistcoat, and small bow-tie. With both hands, he holds an accordion. Accompanying information states that Glen married Ester Knudsen and had one child, Elsie Laverne Hutson Christensen.
[The Allenson Family]
Black and white photograph of a family standing outdoors. The members include a mother, a father, and their two children; an unidentified man is also standing with them. On the far left is Kristine Allenson, wife to John Allenson. Their children, Clifford and Leo, are both standing in front of the adults and looking downward. The younger child is standing in front of his mother while his older sibling is seated on a tricycle.
Andrew & Dagny Jensen Marriage License
Marriage license provided to Anders Jessen Jensen and Dagny Andersen from the Wharton County courthouse. There is a black and white illustration at the very top of the document of a bell composed entirely of small flowers, with a leafy vine emerging from the back of the bell and encircling it in an arc. This bell is inside a circular motif with decorative geometric elements around the edge, and is flanked on both sides by bold, Old English text that declares the document as a Marriage License. Hand-written text has been placed in several areas: where it calls for the names of the couple, dates, signatures, etc. The actual ceremony was ordained by Pastor J. A. M. Rodholm. When closed, the information provided in the opened document is condensed into the upper half of the document's back.
Andrew Jensen Home
Photograph of a single-story home in Danevang, Texas, belonging to Andrew Jensen. The photograph was taken from the street, capturing the gravel road and the front lawn, which has been cut short. The house is bordered by a series of bushes. It has white siding and intersecting shingled gable roofs. A chimney and antenna are on the top hip.
[Andrew Jensen's Promissory Note to Danevang Farmer's Cooperative]
Promissory note from Andrew J. Jensen to the Danevang Farmer's Cooperative Society over a sum of twenty five dollars. The note is signed on the bottom right corner by Andrew. A red stamp with the date has been placed on this corner as well.
Arnold Juhl in Baseball Uniform
Copy negative of Arnold Juhl dressed in a baseball uniform. He is sitting in an automobile with his knees up and looking to the side.
At the Bay
Copy negative of Margaret Juhl and her husband Arnold Juhl sitting on the beach at the East Bay in Palacios, Texas.
Baby With Chickens and Cat
Copy print of a baby sitting in the middle of empty plot of land amidst a circle of chickens. The baby, identified as Johanna Larsen, holds an unidentified object in her hands while looking at a cat in front of her. In the very distance, a structure can be seen among some trees and a field of crops off to the left.
[Berdnt Family at H.J Berdnt Farm]
Photograph of the Berndt family standing on a dirt road. They are each holding long, slender sticks pointed to the ground, with the exception of the woman on the far right, who holds hers towards the sky. In the background, a series of leafless trees and tall grasses lead up to a farm-like structure in the distance. A decorative border surrounds the photograph. Some of the individuals have been identified. From left to right, they are: unknown, unknown, Emma Berndt (possibly), unknown, Anne Berndt, Meta Berndt, unknown, unknown, Marie Berndt. On the back, hand-written text reads, "Creek thru H.J. Berndt. House where arrow heads were picked up. Early 1920's. L-R. ??, Emma Berndt?, ?, Anne Berndt, Meta Berndt, ??, Marie Berndt." Two stamps have also been made, both in purple. The first reads, "20 514". The second: " This is a genuine Border Fox Tone Picture Made by Fox Co. San Antonio, Texas, Copyright 1925 by Carl (last name is illegible)".
[Berndt Family Children]
Color copy photograph of a black and white Berndt family portrait, consisting of one boy and six girls. Three of the girls sit on a wicker chair while the three remaining girls and one boy stand around it. In the center of the back row is Andreas Berndt, 17, on his right is Marie, aged 13. Standing on the wicker chair in front of Marie is her sister Anna, aged 4. Seated on the same piece of furniture are Meta, aged 7, and Helena, who is 1 and is sitting on the arm of the chair. Standing by Helena and Andreas is Ingeborg, aged 10.
Brian & Elizabeth Wind in Church Attire
Photograph of a woman and a man standing side by side each other in front of a structure with horizontal siding and one visible window. The woman has been identified as Elizabeth Wind. She is to the left of Brian Wind. According to accompanying information, they are at a Sunday church service. Both have a corsage pinned to their chests. Elizabeth wears a hat, a light-colored dress cinched at the waist, pearls, and is carrying a dark purse. Brian wears a two-piece suit and a striped tie.
[A Brother and a Sister Standing Outdoors]
Black and white photograph of a teenage brother and sister standing outdoors in a lawn of tall grass. They are identified as Olaf Olson and Louise Petersen. Olaf is standing to the left of his sister. He is wearing knickerbockers, tall socks, and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up. His hands are in his pockets. To his right is Louise, who is wearing a dress and a cape. Behind the pair is a tree and a partially visible automobile.
El Campo Cotton Platform
Photograph taken at El Campo Cotton Platform, which appears to be a kind of property used for the processing and harvesting of cotton. On the platform itself, there are various stacked piles of cotton and hay bales. A procession of horse-drawn wagons on the dirt road in front of the platform are moving forward. Helvig J. Berndt is in one of the wagons, but his actual location hasn't been specified. Additionally, two children can be seen joining the male driver in the front wagon. The photograph has been placed on a stiff mat board which is chipping on the bottom corners.
Carl Thyssen & Auto
Copy negative of Carl Thyssen standing next to his car in Danevang, Texas, which is located in Wharton County.
Carl Thyssen Family & Auto
Copy negative of Carl and Ida Thyssen with their four children and family dog. The family is sitting next to their car in Danevang, Texas, which is located in Wharton County. From left to right, the family members pictured are Carl, Magdalene, Gerda, Ingeborg, Alfred and Ida Thyssen.
Carl Thyssen Girls & Wagon
Copy negative of three of the Thyssen family children standing outside their home in Danevang, Texas, which is located in Wharton County. Gerda Thyssen, the youngest child, is standing inside a wagon. Ingeborg Thyssen is standing next to the wagon, to the left of Gerda, and Magdalene Thyssen is pulling the wagon.
Carl Thyssen Home
Copy negative of Carl Thyssen's family home in Danevang, Texas, located in Wharton County. There is a windmill on the left side of the image, and other houses are visible to the left of the family home.
Chattel Mortgage to First National Bank of El Campo by Andrew Jensen
Document recording a mortgage taken out by Andrew Jensen from the First National Bank of El Campo, Texas. Andrew took out three hundred dollars with a ten percent interest. A piece of paper has been stapled on the back with a stamp of approval and two postage stamps.
Children Feeding Chickens
Copy print of three young children feeding several chickens in front of a two-story house. From left to right, they have been identified as O. V. (Mickey) Christensen, A. E. Christensen, and Emma Christensen. A line of thinly distributed, slender trees line the perimeter of the house. The house itself has intersecting gable roofs on the top floor covered by dark-colored shingles. The first floor projects outwardly and has a second roof structure that creates an overhang in the back right corner for a patio space.
Children on Windmill
Photograph of two young boys standing barefoot on the wooden planks of a windmill. They are both wearing overalls over long-sleeve shirts. They have been identified as Christian and Peter Brodsgaard, but accompanying information has not matched their names to their individual positions. One of the blades of the windmill can be partially seen in the top leftmost part of the image.
Christen Petersen Home
Photograph of a two-story structure in Danevang, Texas, belonging to Christen Petersen. The photograph was taken behind a wire fence and a row of trees, which are a few feet away from the home. The house has intersecting gable roofs, white siding, and four double hung windows; two on the first floor and two on the second.
Christian Brodsgaard with Goose
Photograph of a young boy, identified as Christian Brodsgaard, sitting outdoors in front of a house with a goose in between his legs. He smiles openly. He wears overalls and is barefoot on a plot of land with short grasses.
Cleaning Fish
Copy negative of two women cleaning fish at the East Bay in Palacios, Texas. There is a little boy wearing a hat in the photograph, and there are several people walking along the bay in the background. The women are wearing dresses, aprons, and hats.
[Confirmation Class of 1920, Danevang Lutheran Church]
Black and white photograph of a group of adolescents gathered outside of the Danevang Lutheran Church, of which the exterior side and pointed arch windows are visible. This group makes up the Confirmation class of 1920. Each individual is wearing formal attire. The girls, who are mostly seated on the front row, are wearing white dresses, some of which have pins attached to them. The boys are wearing suits and ties; a few of them are also wearing pins. Their pastor, the only adult pictured, is standing in the center of the boys.
[Confirmation Class of 1925, Danevang Lutheran Church]
Black and white photograph of a group of teenagers who make up the 1925 Confirmation class of Danevang Lutheran Church. There are 6 girls and 8 boys arranged in three rows on the steps of the church building. Their clergyman, Pastor Khyl, is also standing with them. Behind the group is a door with an arched window above it. On the window are the words "ANSGAR KIRKE." A couple of pointed arch windows are visible on either side of the group.
[Confirmation Class of 1927]
Copy print of a portrait of the confirmation class of 1927 in front of a church in Danevang, Texas. There are ten confirmands and their pastor, H. O. Jensen. The names of those in the photograph are listed on the back. According to accompanying information, there were two additional confirmands not seen here, Clifford Fritz Lykke and Nadine A. Neisig. The three young ladies are wearing white dresses, and the boys are wearing suits and ties.
[Danevang Farmers Co-operative Society Building]
Postcard of a single-story building surrounded by a dirt road and farmlands. On the entrance, over double sided doors and a set of windows on either side, there is a large sign that reads "Danevang Farmers Co-operative Society Inc.". On the right side of the building, towards the back, there are two parked cars. There are two men standing in between them. The man on the right is looking towards the direction where the photograph was taken.
Danevang School
Copy negative of the school children of Danevange School, which is located in Wharton County, Texas. The children are pictured on the font steps of the school. From left to right, top to bottom, the students pictured are: Row 1 (top): Christian Michaelsen, Gensler (unknown first name), Leo Jensen, Laura Petersen, Emma Brodsgaard, Lillie Jensen, Karen Petersen, Ingeborg Agnes Berndt, Marianna Berndt, Kathryn Nielsen, Anna Michaelsen, Myrtle Hansen, Myrtle Nielsen, Edna Lykke, Hans Michaelsen, Harry Hermansen, and Schultz (unknown first name). Row 2: Peter Brodsgaard, Clarence Bram, Gensler (unknown first name), Ejler Hermansen, Jens Christensen, Otto Harton, Emil Lauritsen, Carl Jensen, Clifford Lykke, O. W. Schaer, Raymond Bram, Arnold Petersen, Walter Harton, Clifford Smith, Herluf Westerholm, and Carl Brodsgaard. Row 3: Dagmar Lykke, Norma Petersen, Louise Lauritsen, Astrid Hansen, Alts Petersen, Doris Ingvardsen, Ellen Jensen, Thelma Jones, Margaret Hansen, Nadine Neisig, Ingeborg Ingvardsen, Ingeborg Wind, Thora Nielsen, Metha Lauritsen Berndt, Bertha Thyssen, Lillian Hansen, Eda Nielsen, Emma Christensen, and Anna Petersen. Row 4: Hans Peter Ingvardsen, Lloyd Rayman, Niels Berndt, Harry Hermansen, Henry Knudsen, Edgar Jensen, unknown, unknown, Leo Petersen, Harold Hansen, Peter Westerholm, Leo Westerholm, Max Westerholm, Sigurd Hermansen, Andrew Neisig, Adolph Andersen, Wilbur Petersen, unknown. Row 5: Marilyn Marie Thayssen, Elna Nielsen, Honey Jensen, unknown, Clara Schulze, unknown, Helen Jensen, Helen Smith, Ellen Nielsen, Ester Rasmussen, Peggy Smith, Dorothy Burkman, Jean Petersen, Vavie Michaelsen, Eda Nielsen, Hoffman (unknown first name), Beneva Smith, Clara Juhl, Doris Christiansen, Dorothy Jensen, Anne Berndt, Elsie Lykke, unknown. Row 6: Emil (Jack) Bram, Chris Brodsgaard, unknown, Verner Petersen, Viggo Thyssen, Roy Nielsen, Albert Christensen, Verner Thyssen, Otto Jensen, Chester Jensen, Willard Longwood, Chris Berndt, Edgar Hansen, Johnny Brodsgaard, Edwin Petersen, and Leonard Lauritsen.
[Danevang School Class in Front of School Building]
Photograph of a large group of students taken just outside of the front entrance of Danevang School in Danevang, Texas. They are gathered roughly into five rows. The set of double-doors behind them is open within a small overhang. On the front-facing wall, three double-hung windows are visible. They appear to have been organized from oldest to youngest top to bottom. There is faint hand-written text on the front bottom margin that reads, "Danevang School 1922-23."
[Danevang School Class of 1923]
Photograph of the Danevang School class of 1923 standing before, presumably, the school building's entrance. There is an open window to the right side of the photograph, and behind the doorway, a light is seen. From left to right, the front row has been identified as unknown, Bertha Thyssen, unknown, Ida Nielsen, unknown, Jean Petersen Michaelsen, Dorothy Berkman, Alts Petersen, Ellen Nelsen, and unknown. Names have been provided for the second and third row but it cannot be stated with certainly to whom they apply. From left to right, the fourth row has been identified as Marianna Berndt, Laura Petersen, Marvin Petersen, and Harry Hermansen. On the back of the photograph, rough patches of black paper remain from wherever the photograph was torn out of.
Danevang School Class of 1927
Copy negative of a black and white photograph of a group of young students posed for their school portrait. They are arranged in three rows; those on the first row are kneeling, those on the second row are seated, and those on the back row are standing. In the center of the first row, a student is holding a chalkboard that has their class information written on it. The Danevang School building is directly behind the group.
[Danevang School Class of 1927]
Black and white photograph of a group of students posed for a portrait in front of their school. They are arranged in six rows, with the last row standing within the enclave of the porch. A few boys are standing within the open window frames that are on either side of the porch. Two children sitting at the center of the front row are holding a chalkboard that has written on it the class information and date.
[Danish Ladies Aid at Parsonage]
Photograph of the Danish Ladies Aid organization in front of their parsonage. They are joined by a couple of children and, according to accompanying information, Pastor Kyhl, who is presumably the man on the farthest right of the photograph. The women, the majority of them in late age, wear long, dark-colored dresses and have their hair pinned back. The two-story structure behind them has a shingled overhang supported by a row of columns that runs across the front. An early automobile model is seen in the very distance. Hand-written text in blue ink on the back of the photograph reads "Danevang Parsonage. Pastor Kyhl - 1926".
Dorabel Hansen Dippel
Copy negative of young Dorabel Hansen Dippel in a field in Danevang, Texas, which is located in Wharton County. Dorabel is holding a large garden hoe. She is wearing a large, straw hat. There is a cow visible in the background.
The Dredge
Copy negative of drainage equipment at the Jasper Juhl Farm in Danevang, Texas.
Ella Hansen
Bust portrait photograph of a young woman, identified as Ella Hansen, in front of a blank, dark-colored backdrop. Her head is bent slightly upwards to the right. Side lighting is coming from the left. She wears a pearl necklace and a button-up, lace top.
Emma, Agnes and Marie Brodsgaard
Black and white photograph of three sisters standing outside of a two-story house that is visible to their left. They are all wearing light-colored drop waist dresses and are sporting short bobs with bangs. The bulk of a medium-sized tree is visible to their right. According to a note attached to the front of the image, they are named from left to right: Agnes, Marie, and Emma.
Emma Brodsgaard with Friend
Photograph of two young women lying down on a lawn in front of a single-story brick house. There are two double-hung windows on the house. The woman on the left has been identified as Emma Brodsgaard. Her friend has not been identified. They both wear light-colored tops and heels.
George & Emma Adams
Photograph of an adult woman and man standing next to a tall tree. Several more trees can be seen in the background. The woman, identified as Emma Brodsgaard, wears a fitted jacket, long skirt, hat, and dark heels. To her right is her husband, George Adams, who wears a dark three-piece suit, striped tie, and glasses. A hand-written note on the back of the photograph reads, "Pop doesn't look so spry on this picture but remember he is on his honeymoon."