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[Texas Power & Light Company documents]
Contract, rate schedules, lists of expenses and accounts.
tax roll
Tax roll for Alvord, Texas 1920-1921.
Union Hill Baptist Church Record Book (1921-1934)
Minutes of church meetings, lists of members, records of baptisms, deaths, church finances, projects.
[Alvord waterworks and sewage resolution]
Resolution by City of Alvord Council to install waterworks and a sewer system.
[Miscellaneous loose law enforcement documents]
Search warrants, arrest warrants, complaint forms, tax receipts and other legal documents.
Minutes of Alvord City Council
Minutes of the meetings of the town board of the City of Alvord, Texas.
[Letter from Charles Schnabel to Barbara Jordan, June 23, 1967]
Letter from Charles Schnabel to Barbara Jordan regarding 1967 and 1968 Constitutional Amendments to be vetoed.
[Letter from Eric Roper to Barbara Jordan, October 13, 1976
Letter from Eric Roper to Barbara Jordan confirming a speech at Rochedale Village. The letter describes the audience, including members of the local and federal government.
[Letter from Mrs. Sidney Vise to Barbara Jordan, June 29, 1968]
Correspondence between Mrs. Sidney Vise and Barbara Jordan. Vise thanks Jordan for agreeing to speak at a City of Hope luncheon. Vise includes a program that describes the history and work of the City of Hope organization. A letter from Jordan confirms her agreement to speak.
[Letter from Barbara Jordan to Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs Students, February 8, 1985]
Letter from Barbara Jones to the students of Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs asking for their thoughts regarding the Democratic party. Photocopies of the letter contain handwritten responses. The last two pages, dated 02/12/85, are barely legible.
[Letter from J. Edward Murray to Barbara Jordan, May 14, 1973]
Letter from J. Edward Murray to Barbara Jordan complementing her on her Quo Vadis Nixon panel discussion in front of the American Society of Newspaper Editors.