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Cotton or Hay Press.
Patent for a new and improved baling-press. This design consists in "[a] duplex cotton or other press comprising connected pressing-boxes, each having a loose lower platen and platen-supports on its sides, devices . . . for raising said lower platens, a truck for supporting said boxes, traveling wheels or rollers journaled to said truck and having bevel or V-shaped treads or peripheries, a track mounted upon suitable supports and having a V-shaped or recessed top face to receive and guide said wheels or rollers during the reciprocatory movements of said truck and the thereto-connected boxes" (lines 15-27).
Cotton Chopper.
Patent for a new and improved cotton chopper. This design consists in "wheels, axles, shafts, and plow-beams of a cultivator, of the bar pivoted to the plow-beams, the lever-handle pivoted to the bar, the hoe on the lower end of the lever handle, the [other] shaft, the cam on said shaft, the jointed lever having its forward end forked and its rear end slotted, the gear wheels, the clutch, the [other] lever, and the catch" (lines 66-74).
Device for Packing Cotton
Patent for device used to compress and pack cotton into a press box.