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[County Tax Officials]

Description: County Tax Officials: Ray Slagle, Bernard Wetsel, Lillian Rotta, Kirk Hampton. Photo taken in 1946: Henrietta, Texas.
Date: 1946
Item Type: Photograph

[Dean Elementary]

Description: First and second grade school children and teacher at playground. Photo taken in 1944: Dean, Texas.
Date: 1944
Item Type: Photograph

Market Train

Description: The Market Train moving down the track in Henrietta, TX around 1940. Telegraph lines run next to the track.
Date: 1940~
Item Type: Photograph

[Olsen-Stelzer Boot Co]

Description: Olsen-Stelzer Boot Co.: Harry Olsen, John Firestone, Corrine Edwards, Betty Jean Ingram, Mary Williams Cueba, Ruby Wood Duncan. Photo circa 1945: Henrietta, Texas.
Date: 1945~
Item Type: Photograph