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[African-American Woman in Harrison County]
An elderly African-American woman of Harrison County is unidentified.
[PHS School Song]
The Pemberton High School school song is featured on this page from the yearbook. The two verses are shown with easy piano accompaniment.
[PHS Honored Alumni]
These alumni were honored at homecoming for loyalty to their alma mater, Pemberton High School in Marshall. They are unidentified. The woman carries a spray of flowers and wears a banner saying, "Miss Alumnus." A small picture at lower left appears to be a banquet scene.
[Marshall University, Marshall]
Marshall University was one of Marshall's earliest schools. It was authorized by Sam Houston in 1842. In 1843 Peter Whetstone, founder of Marshall, gave ten acres of land for educational purposes. The plot is located on the corner of W. Houston and College St. where Marshall Junior High School stands today. The building shown in the picture was contracted in 1851. It served the community until 1910, when it closed its doors. The school was never a true university. It served educational needs of more youthful boys and girls. A historical marker on the campus recognizes the school's history and contributions.
[Head Start and Day Care Center, Marshall]
The Carter Street Head Start and Day Care Center was located at 611 South Carter St. in Marshall at the time of this photograph, taken between 1965-80.
[Group Tours European Ruins]
A group tours ruins that appear to be European. The group and the place are unidentified. The photo is from Harrison County.
[Quilting Club]
A group of ladies in Marshall, Texas quilts a patchwork pattern the old-fashioned way, hand-stitching across a quilting frame. The women and the name of their group are unidentified.
[Interior View, Marshall Public Library]
This view from the library director's office at Marshall Public Library shows the circulation desk. A staff person sits at an office desk in the center of the circulation area. A child sits on the circulation desk counter, with another person standing near. The south entrance doors are at the extreme right of the photograph. In the far distance is the adult reading and stack area.
[Library Clerk Processes Books]
Library clerk Naomi Rhea processes books in the workroom at Marshall Public Library. At the time of the photograph, c1984, Mrs. Rhea used a typewriter for typing accession records. Within a few years, the typewriter was replaced by the microcomputer.
[New Television Equipment Shown at the Library]
A television camera records as Dr. Worden, second from right, demonstrates a television audio-visual setup. Other men in the photo are unidentified.
[Two Library Supporters, Tony Bridge and Carolyn Abney, Celebrate a New Library]
Radio station owner Tony Bridge and civic leader Carolyn Abney attended the reception for the opening of the new Marshall Public Library in 1973.
[Grant Aids New Library Building]
In September, 1971, a challenge grant from the Andrew Norman Foundation was offered to the Friends of a Public Library in Marshall, Texas for the purpose of building a new library. The $150,000 offer was to be matched by funds raised in Marshall and Harrison County. Following a successful fund drive, the photo shows George Fenn Lewis, president of the Friends, endorsing a balance payment check for $110,000 before presenting it to Dick Brassell, secretary-treasurer of the Friends.
[Marshall Public Library Supporters, Dr. Greg Beil and a Friend]
Dr. Greg Beil and a Friend of the library (unknown) talk together at a meeting in support of Marshall Public Library.
[Nursing Home in Marshall]
Colonial Park Nursing Home in Marshall was located at 509 S. Grove St. at the time of this photograph, c1984.
[Special Letter Service]
A library staff person (unidentified) types letters at the Marshall Public Library in 1978.
[Dorothy Morrison, First Director of the Marshall Public Library]
Mrs. Dorothy Morrison was director of the new Marshall Public Library from 1970 to 1984. She was responsible for several innovations at the library. The newspaper-on-microfilm collection is named in her memory.
[Nursing Home in Marshall]
Marshall Manor Nursing Home is located at 1007 S. Washington Ave. in Marshall. The photograph dates from 1970-1985.
[Thiokol Chemical Corp. Makes Gift to Library]
The Longhorn Division of Thiokol Chemical Corp. made the first of three donations to the building fund for Marshall Public Library in 1972. Herschel Q. Holly, right, present a $1000 check to Fenn Lewis, center, president of the Friends of a Public Library. Looking on at left is Max Lale, staff assistant, plant relations.
[Head Start Class, Marshall]
A Head Start class in Marshall was photographed on the front steps of their facility with their teachers, unidentified.
[Festival Booth, Marshall]
An unidentified man sits at a festival booth in Marshall.
[Donation Toward a New Public Library]
During the early 1970's, various organisations contributed toward the building of a new public library in Marshall, Texas. In this newspaper photo, Fenn Lewis, fund drive chairman, accepts a donation from Johnny Barkett.
[Valued Library Assistant, Naomi Rhea]
Naomi Rhea, a valued library assistant at Marshall Public Library, attends her duties in the workroom.
[Library Storage Cabinets]
These cabinets in the reference area of Marshall Public Library were a storage aid planned at the building of the library. They have been used for storage of art prints, audio tapes, and other items that are not readily stored elsewhere. The top of the cabinets and the wall above have provided display space for two and three dimensional items on exhibit.
[Reception at Marshall Public Library]
A reception at Marshall Public Library, c1973-1984, is shown. The event and persons are unidentified except for Miss Emma May Brotze, leaning over the table at center, and Maxie Key in the white gown at right.
[Library Director Dorothy Morrison with a Small Patron]
Dorothy Morrison, early director of the Marshall Public Library, shows a toy to a young patron during the Christmas season. The library is shown festively decorated for the holidays.
[Visitor Speaks to Library Supporters]
A visitor speaks to early library trustees during the drive to build support for a new library. The drive culminated with the opening of Marshall Public Library in 1973. The women pictured with the visitor (unidentified) were library trustees Audrey Kariel, seated; and standing left to right Sally Gullion, Elderleen Coker, and Lou Gaw. The place for this meeting was the old library building on Austin Street, now the Chamber of Commerce building.
[Belaire Manor Apartments, Marshall]
Belaire Manor Apartments is a complex located at 1400 A Julie in west Marshall. Two buildings are shown.
[Listening Station in Library's Children's Area]
A listening station is ready for use in the children's reading area at Marshall Public Library. Cushions provide seating around a low table. In the center are power plugs, audio plugs, and earphones. A rug underneath the area sets the space apart. Stacks with children's books are visible at left and a long table with benches at right is child-size. A window with curtains controls light at the rear.
[Library Benefactress, Virginia Gold Olincy]
Mrs. George (Virginia Gold) Olincy of Los Angeles, California, was a trustee of the Andrew Norman Foundation that gave a challenge grant toward the building of the Marshall Public Library. As a former librarian, she was interested in this particular project for her home town of Marshall. The auditorium in the new library was named in memory of her parents, Mose and Etta Gold.
[Medical Assistants Support Library Friends Group]
The Harrison County Medical Assistants Society was the first organization to have 100 percent participation in the Friends of Marshall Public Library's membership drive. The Friends group was formed c1967 to raise support for a new library building. Their first activity was the drive. Pictured at left is Mrs. J. C. Gullion, a member of the membership committee. Other women are unidentified.
[Friends Award First Membership Card]
In this newspaper file photo, the Friends of a Public Library in Marshall, Texas award their first membership card. From left to right are Ken Duggins,City Manager, Tony Bridge, the first president of Friends, and Audrey Kariel, Friends Executive Board member.
[Exterior View, Marshall Public Library]
An automobile is parked outside Marshall Public Library's north entrance on Fannin St.
[Art Prints at the Public Library]
An art collection was on display at Marshall Public Library, date unknown. The works all have a western theme. Also visible are the library's card catalog at left, storage cabinets at right, and a reading table with red chairs in the foreground. The presence of a card catalog dates the display event between 1973-1990.
[Kariel Family Celebrates Library Opening]
Louis and Audrey Kariel, with their children Nancy and son(unknown name) are shown at the reception for the opening of the new Marshall Public Library in 1973. Mr. Kariel is a former chairman of the Library Board of Trustees. Mrs. Kariel was a trustee and the Project Director for the building of the new library. Both have continued to be strong supporters of library development.
[Library Volunteer at Copy Machine]
A library volunteer, unidentified, operates the copy machine at Marshall Public Library.
[Recordings at Marshall Public Library]
Before audiocassttes, there were long-playing (LP) recordings on 12-inch vinyl disks. Marshall Public Library had a collection of them, primarily recordings of music, that were displayed from a wooden bin. Behind the bin are art prints that also circulated at the time, 1973-1990.
[Display at Marshall Public Library]
A display area at Marshall Public Library, Marshall, has an art print which could be circulated; and a violin which was used by local musician Charles R. Aber. Mr. Aber also had a large collection of audio tapes which his mother donated to the library after his death.
[Reception for Bill Moyers at the Marshall Public Library]
Bill Moyers, second from left, talks with Harrison County residents who attended his speech at the Marshall Public Library during the United States Bicentennial in 1976. Mr. Moyers spoke on the value of libraries to democracy.
The new bookmobile at Marshall Public Library, c. 1978, is readied for use by two helpers (unidentified).
[Library Circulation Desk Staff]
Two library staff members, unidentified, discuss business at Marshall Public Library's circulation desk in 1978.
[Civic leaders at the Marshall Public Library Opening Reception]
Civic leader Carolyn Abney and her mother attended the formal reception for the opening of Marshall Public Library in 1973.
[Welcoming Bill Moyers]
Journalist Bill Moyers returns to Marshall, his home town, to speak to a gathering about the value of libraries. He is greeted by Pat Bolger of the Marshall News Messenger newspaper as he steps to the podium. A television cameraman is at right. A group of unidentified persons waits to hear Moyers speak. The place is the Gold auditorium at Marshall Public Library. The date is unknown.
[Former Marshall Public Library Building]
A horse and surrey stops in front of the former quarters of the Marshall Public Library in this old newspaper photo. The building and land belonged to a group of local women's clubs, which maintained a private lending library. The clubs deeded the building and land to the city for public library use. A modern new library building opened in October, 1973. Soon after, the older structure passed to the Marshall Chamber of Commerce, which still calls it home.
[Library Supporters, Ray and Mona Lawson]
Ray and Mona Lawson, library suppporters, attended the reception for the opening of Marshall Public Library on October 20, 1973.
[Small Business in Marshall]
An unidentified small business in Marshall.
[Bill Moyers, Journalist]
Bill Moyers, journalist, speaks at a benefit for the Marshall Public Library during the 1976 bicentennial. Moyers was raised in Marshall, Texas. He occasionally returns to speak and support various issues or events that are significant to him.
[Equipment at Marshall Public Library]
During the 1980's decade, equipment at Marshall Public Library included portable televisions and videotape recorder/players. In the photograph, a television sits on an audio-visual cart with the videotape machine below Nearby another television sits on a counter.
[Program Features Bill Moyers at the Marshall Public Library]
Bill Moyers waits to be introduced at a Marshall Public Library program during the nation's Bicentennial in 1976. Mr. Moyers, a favorite son of Marshall, Texas, returned to speak about the value of libraries to democracy.
[Truck Transports Books to New Library]
When the new Marshall Public Library was built in 1973, a box truck transported sacks of books from the old library to the new site.
[Let's Read]
Price T. Young students in Marshall, Texas select books on a RIF distribution day at the Marshall Public Library. The library has participated in the "Reading is Fundamental" program since the 1970's. The program provides funds under a matching grant which the library uses to purchase books to distribute to children free of charge.