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Truck in Mud

Description: Photograph of 3 workers riding on a truck owned by Gulf Oil as it drives through the mud in Crane County, Texas. It is believed to be the first owned by Gulf Oil (according to L. R. "Rudy" Lay).
Date: unknown

Oil Well on Fire

Description: Photograph on postcard an oil fire at the C.L. Perkins No. 5 oil well near Ranger in Eastland County, Texas in 1919. Smoke and flames billow into the sky, while debris from the fire can be seen strewn over the ground.
Date: 1919

Car in Front of House

Description: Photograph on postcard of a house in Eastland, Texas. The house, partially hidden behind trees in the yard, is the Wolf residence. There is an early model car with an old style license plate in the driveway.
Date: unknown

Gulf Oil Tanks

Description: Photograph of four white oil tanks in front of grove of trees with several oil derricks visible on the horizon. The oil field is located in Crane County, Texas and is owned by the Gulf Oil Company.
Date: unknown