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Description: Patent for a new and useful Grave-Marker. The body of the improved grave marker or cradle is elongated or somewhat elliptical in contour, and its central portion is open, in order that the grave marker or cradle may surround a grave.
Date: May 5, 1914
Creator: Kimball, Herbert E


Description: Patent for improvements in hat-fasteners in which the “fastener can be adjustable to hats of different sizes and shapes, …., for securing the hat upon the head.” (Lines 10-15) Illustration is included.
Date: July 1, 1913
Creator: Schmidt, Harel


Description: Patent for improvements in spikes, in which when the spike is driven into a tie, it will not turn (line 11-12). Illustration is included.
Date: July 8, 1913
Creator: Daniels, Winfield S.

Disinfecting Device.

Description: Patent for improvements made in the design of disinfecting devices in order to create "a simple and inexpensive apparatus ... effective in evaporating and distributing disinfectants, liquid perfumes or other fluids" (lines 10-13), including illustrations and a description. The device is designed to "discharge a regular supply" (line 14) of fluids, be of "strong, durable, simple" (lines 25-26) construction, and make visible the amount of disinfectant remaining in the device.
Date: June 3, 1913
Creator: Hitchcock, Olga M.

Process of Refining Crude Cotton-Seed Oil

Description: Patent for improvements in the processes of refining crude cotton-seed oil which increases the yield of refined oil. Improved results are are obtained by "neutralizing the oil with an alkaline silicate and then treating the oil with a mixture of alkaline hydroxid and alkaline carbonate" (lines 28-31).
Date: March 18, 1913
Creator: Chisholm, Jesse C.

Loose-Leaf Binder

Description: Patent for new loose leaf binder to help carry leaf support and means for separating the members and displacing one longitudinally relation with the other.
Date: October 30, 1917
Creator: Moody, Jason B.

Stenographic-Writing Means

Description: Patent for improvements in stenographic-writing (typewriting). The object of the invention being "to provide a keyboard comprising keys to cooperate with suitable printing means, and to so arrange said keys...to facilitate the speed at which the writing can be accomplished" (lines 14-20).
Date: April 1, 1913
Creator: Ireland, Ward S.

Cotton-Saw Gummer

Description: Patent for improvements to cotton saw gummers. The patented improvements include a cutter rather than a puncher in the gummer's design, as well as means for adjusting the cutter.
Date: September 2, 1913
Creator: Nelson, De Witt C.

Combined Plow and Scraper

Description: Patent for "a combined plow and scraper, which may be employed to alternately break or loosen a surface that is being graded or lowered, and to scrape the loosened material from said surface." (lines 14-18)
Date: August 26, 1913
Creator: Reese, Edwin M.

Street-Indicator for Electric Cars.

Description: Patent for improvements in street indicating device for electric cars by informing the driver which street is, as the car approaches the streets. The device can be mount within a car and once it is installed, it is completely automatic. Illustration is included.
Date: October 7, 1913
Creator: Morton, James E.