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[Letter from Birdie McKinley to Mary Moore, Claude and Linnet White, June 22, 1909]

Description: Letter from Birdie McKinley to Mary Moore, Claude and Linnet White. She doesn't think they received her last letter. She comments that they have had so much rain and all of the vegetables they have had. Mattie's beau died. She mentions everyone's health and how fast Henry and Lillian are growing. She talks about her chickens. She asks if they plan to come visit in the summer, because she really wants to see them. She comments on the weather and asks if they think about moving to St. Louis. She liked their pictures and asks about Claude's father. She asks for a long letter.
Date: June 22, 1909
Creator: McKinley, Birdie
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[Letter from S. E. Leonard to Mary, June 3, 1877]

Description: Leonard feels that he is a stranger to his family. He is staying on George's farm and he and his wife like it there. It has been cold and wet and the excessive rains might have damaged crops but he is hopeful. Will has gone to the Black Hills in search of gold but has only found bad weather. While Will is there is wife went to visit friends. He asks if aunt Matilda arrived at her house and mentions that she must of had a lovely winter, without fear of losing ears, noses, or toes. His daughter Stella is taller than him and enjoys reading and pressing flowers. She had asked for pictures but he is unable to. Although now that the railroad is finished a photographer should come in to take pictures in town. George will answer her a letter soon.
Date: June 3, 1877
Creator: Leonard, S. E.
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[Letter to Claude D. White, June 21, 1911]

Description: Letter to Claude D. White. He says that Claude must be too busy to write, but it should get easier for him. He asks questions about collectors, a grocery, about Mother W., how Hermes is doing? He thinks they will have a good business this month, but the rain might make them close their doors. He expects the board of directors to write him, if not he will write Claude. He sends his regards to Claude's wife and baby.
Date: June 21, 1911
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections