Fort Worth Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 234, Ed. 1, Sunday, July 15, 1894 Page: 16 of 16

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13 U JltlTJUX IMlUr
The fror he Is a thing thin
Theiea music In 1ih nonir of spring-
Let lioy remember It la wrong
To squelch Ilia frogs melodious tonic
O wipe your eyca ye weeplufc mvD
And lay sour anlf8uway
The sadly disappointed lieu
May lay an eer today
Tho owl lie Is a nulemn bird
Ilia rnirthfutness is ttcMom nUrred
11 ule ono dollar and u half
To see ho ovl Attempt to laudi
In every rouslnfr hot uunpalfai
o should from foolUh things r fraln
Lot each ono hero adopt the rule
To never be a campaign loot
Drqcrs Journal
rannors In the early da of th llo
public w as promluot In tho walks
of statecraft and fn tho honors of
Uwyfr are today right
of the original Blsnt r nf the Declara-
tion of Independence detmrtbed them
ehei an rnuiKM H or planter Atming
thei Mtn HeiiJiinln llurrieim of Vir-
ginia lu4s Alonlrt of New York
FiMhii of Virginia and William
Flod of New York
The American statesmen of that day
made lew claims to nodal promlnoce
Roger Hhcrman described hlmielf as a
shoemaker William Whipple of New
Hampshire as a a Ulor Benjamin
Ktanktln of Icnnsyhanla us u print-
er and a corn Taj lor of the same
state ns a fosndrymun
Nearly all of thy early presidents
were farmers Qeorpei Washington hav
lnBf been educated itn n land euneyor
and liaWnjt inherited a largo trait of
land Itl Virginia KTodli on TeiTerii
rod M oh rod had ntrongly dt VKhdHd
rural tnites and It was not In fart
until the large cite of th uumtry
and moto espcelully tho large etcn m
tho Northern Htntcs abunrbcd so largo
a share of political Influence Tit tho
lawjers becutno us prominent as tey
row nrr
In the pre tent congress lawyf rs pre-
ponderate there Lelng fifty- ifflit law-
yers to one fanner In the senate and
229 lawyers to thirty mur farmers in
the hf uso of representatives Vrotd
dent Cleveland was admitted to tho bar
In Murrain In 1839 Vice president Adlal
f tevnnson wns admlttud to the ban in
Metamora ill In J86S Secretary of
Btate Uresham as admitted to tho
bar In Corydoi Ipu In WE Hecretary
of tho Treasury Carlisle was admitted
to tho bar In Colngton Ky in Mis
Jost master Oenerul Jllngctl vntt ad-
mitted to the bar In nutTalu In 186
p crwary of the Navy l lerbert w as ad
war Hoke Fmlth HeCrj
teiior was t
lanta la In J 87
Tlio cnlj tncUers of the cabinet -who
are not la jers nre Krctari of Mat
hutnnni and Commissioner of Agricult-
ure Morton Hut Mr Itmont if not
nuallticd by a parchment to pi act ice
law In tht lourts of thlnstAti U much
Im tttr skill d In many of tho IntrlcaLtt s
of jurisprudence than n treat number
of lawjrrs are lutf hs advice and i oun
lel hoi bi en repentftlly sought b th by
large orpurule Interest and by Irgis
lators j
It Is a somewhat peculiar fact that
presidential tundldntfS Iiuno Willi
utarcclv nn txceptlou been chocen by
both iKtlitcnl pnrtlts from tho ranks of
lawyi re mid soldiers
The Itipuhllctins hsd soldhr rnudi
dates in ISifl J8M luul 187i tbp hud
soldler lftwywr caridldates la 18f Ufti
WQ ISSt ISM nnd IW Their ono tt
r Itton was In ISM whon Mr lllnlne
who wns mdlhor u lawsr nor a r
was nominated I ut running n the
sarno ticket with him was fii neral
Jjogan i
The Democrats had flnwjcr ctinrd
dates tnr prealdent lnTR5fi JSOO ImH
1STR ivttl lim and lflhcj hud suldlur
mndldatps In 1 itnrtijxso Tlielr one
exception was lSTJiwhn Hoi are Otre
e was the Uemncratf nominee
Though farmers constitute tho largest
r iiKiialty lepreseuted in congrens or
inn Kgtsiature uy lawyers ami
nrnduui beuetita nave iecn
would buy out their stock ut what they
considered a leasonable ptlcQ they have
gore on producing scrub tows during
these jears frequently overstocked
because nobody wauled such cattle
1 havo other neighbors who stnrted
light with pdrhuptf a single cow of
superior excellence- and ln a few ears
had a herd uf their juwn tearing and
who have so long bc4it known to have
sudi good cows that men will come
a long distance to buy from them
and every cow they ran raise and spare
Is sold joung at a good profit In my
own iais I have seen the benefit of
this foi when the Jersejs wore llrst
Introduced n this lotallty more thuu
twenty yrars ago 1 selected a good
cow with large teats and udder and
crosstid her with a Jersey bull and
liuve followed this phm ever since
I have not wanted to go Into the dairy
business or to keep more than three
of four cow a and so haVe had one or
two cowa to sell each er such as
would soon find a customer at a pay-
ing pi lee whenever I hud any to spare
and I have also had tho satisfaction of
knowing that I have never sold a cow
Unit was not cll worth all X received
for her
What Is Irue of cows Is equally so
or all kinds uf farm stock Home men
never raise a hunto thai has a high
market value but start with poor stock
and often bj unwise selection of sires
first or one type then of another ac-
tually deteriorate lather than Improve
thdr stock of horses It Is told of
one mnu in my neighborhood that he
complained of his bad luck and said
I lost pretty nigh a hundred dollars
this year live of my best hontea died
Probably his luck would Imve been
E0m1 If the rest of them had died so
lie could make a new start I believe
that It will pay most furmern to raise
their own horses and I know It has
paid mr btorltng many years ago
with a mare of superior excellence I
have not hod to buy a hors for many
Jtrs and Mc now on tho farm four
work horses and nllne pair of tor
Hngu all descendentH of this one mm
If horses ara low priced the man who
la obliged to buy on ft end will ha
nothing but a gofld o generally llnds
lhat lie must payr
t m J t ninmi nn1
rale on or A rnhbiwiyear break
them 111 ntll rtnif to do Ma
light orltAvnivSSSi or more
rood horsa itttl I tons t i 3 rnr and
Ifflvlnif tMa beau a w rtrlc fee
I can I lw t avn es at
lRft I1 ao I t4r h f colt can
ran Th u Snta ieveS
Um L4rda 8vttirQ
araln ra-
ster Mir
rates ami often three cent -worth of
ginln a day will keep a cult glowing
and thrifty If the corn fodder Is In
prime tondltlon 1 all Jm some-
thing to my About rorn fodder later
about the tlmo it ought to b sowed
and so will leave the subject now
On ought to be as particular In he
selection caro and breeding of hogs
as any other live stock No other
stock grown If we except nouUryghes
such quick results for their food Whin
I was n lioy we did not think of sell
nx a hog under a ycai and u half old
but I hae got tho time down to six
months now and If X was running a
dirlv and feeding tho skim milk I
could rtduco it a month more mid put
a pig on the market that would bring
the top price
Titer nio tro Important factors In
the handling of Btftlc of all Hinds
nelthei of which might to be neg-
lected and ihesp nre the breed and tha
care 1 knon foment ho would fall
with the best bred stock because they
on neglectful nnd corehss In ttie care
of their stock nnd others who are such
careful feeders and gil care takers
that they can make money from evto
ill bred stock but In this day the set
lcn of thorouith bred males can be
had so rheuply that no farmer can af-
ford to use Ill bred sires The first
step tn Improving wur farming must
I to realize that we need to improve
and that there Is muaev In It
the day hou passed If It ever et
Uted when a careless f nrrru r oin
succeed Theru must be watchfulness
against waste nnd loss and Intelli-
gence In selling If -we will succeed
wATno i imowN
If there are a fow poor specimens In
a Hock set tin in quickly at whatover
prlto can be got To try to put them
ttitioitg a lot of good well fattened
animals will depreciate the whole more
than the others will bring If thero can
be two classes made In selling bo
suio to make them nnd dispose always
of tho purest llrst The sumo causes
which made the bent animals gain
their superiority are likely to continue
In operation us long as they lle Yet
H Is culto common among a certain
i laB 4 of poor formers to let the
butcher take his pick of their sheep
hogs or cuttle thinking that with the
redtiufon In number ixtia feeding will
inako tho remainder an e111 n th
fli st It try rartly results thus ir
1m UmuuIIv lint Imb nf Co i
inltted to tho bir In Montgomery the of digestive power that makes tin
of the In
admitted to the tar at At-
by farming coinmuiittls reprtsenied in
1 Mgrcus or eiswhcr by mtnai agn
ruJturtsls Tlie presejit terubiity Is
for lawyeis to bec rwmmore premlnn
In leKlslttlon than before nnd for fnrm
tr to ttecome so less
runn Sturl
H mnkes tjie dtfiereuce between suc
tea and failure often to get a guod
start on the fiuin and In no branch
of fanning Is tho gionter lmMjrtanco
than in the reelection and manage-
ment of all live stock I know fami-
lies who started twenty1 sears or more
ngo with scrub cows nnd have never
t had a cow that Vould pny u ptutlt
never seen the tlmu thai anybody
iiltioufctt Loubi lost Uispuith
In fultenlng hitsea for sale llaxnewl
Jellj ur ttn ullimnl steamed will l
fnund lo gle vei great nulsfuotlun if
fed in lnutleratldn It assists digestion
and puts a skin on the animals
Jt n essentially n fat furmtug food
and stiange tu suj ulsu helps to build
up kwhI working mumle If Ted In email
uuniitlihs Many a JianlKurkiil liuck
hurs would Hi iniuh butler If given
tiailUUI Ut olUmit ln hu nights
Tho first sale of Jersey cuttle at Lex
liikton since the Hum when fortune
wrrt made and hist
on thim leais ago
as held recently nnd was attended by
Buriuundlug pntry ih highest
PUw nmhid was US paid hi if a
uutlirlu im t vtar tid cow rulseU by
ArC ow
Wiilio iricra ntt luw u
n gm ime
forton u ipvk u j ih0i
nfUiiliml1l u11 ho liml rralucl
or ine oautkiiv i ii 1- i r
S vS
llerl iuttlf in - i
i teul rKi for W P74
h 2 uw IlkJl J
iu urPWiH
kt ivhli MrTLiLi thKu
u a inllkr or rll ut i rnlr ptm ana Iv11Iull ut liiRlur nmrku ruk
ct from tLe MTy fct Uiat lh have u iSnuSJ I luna fur IwunJ oats
The farmer who A
at what land Ti3i
do hi work wltvtr
ini1 urlea for It
oS cila to eultl
KSfJSijMn ulow can
ITi w or uluot Th hi tiil -
nig ciai to Neucuai ti
I- to liorao lnttwlfS
Mh ot tnn inch to S
R lhraI ami kooiI tT quirliiB
a llky or liwtrou finish for whki
American cotton U unult4
fionit tapio cotton 4 rxtcnalvlv
tli lnitlan cotton lll throw tho
rrl down ro that fnrmrra m K
comprllfj to plant lort laa only
CrrnmtUK f MI1W
Tiler or corrs of rami huttcr
tnakrrn who ilo not f fntur attn
tlon to Uil matter and therefor ut-
ter In their Industry Tn trouble I
tht no fair plana of ertamlnc uro com
plied with becnuir not umlentooil
and In mny tfc ee It they er
they could not bo carrlwl out bcau9
the rondltlon HHviary cannot ho
mad to tit tha urioundinRs Milk I
Mt In dHp and hollow pan In crock
i iVtR in bulk nJ In mH
nuantltlm and the wrall u a falturo
n mttlnit 11 tho ft to rlc and
lo coneuntly vlihtf I omeWhot
In mmpiirlnin Uh tl1B inethod en
plortil Milk In pan la et tm deep
owl at too cold n temiwrotum in win
ter t4nd too yiirm lit Mimnicr iiM
trmpernturo of tl Antma I not b
crrod and the ilflrablo thito Inrhe
of tho mhk In th pan often te bo
that iCJiuw niut the rult
- I ilt In earthen crock and th
form uf th irocU I ocalnn in
Tins oazettkj icoirr woirnr tkxas sroriMV nan is mu
ward motemMit of theream nnl of-
ten In leep cold ticttlntt the milk la
put tjt water either too cold or too
warm lltalead ot 44 degrecn oa It ahpuld
be to that litis 1 another ralluro to
Bet the tery meit out of the milk
Then tnllk ehould lie et ln veaael
that hao a amooth an Interior sur-
face a possible 0 that there shall bo
no friction against the walls
There la nnother matter which needa
attention that ot holding the milk
wet ua Ioiir a Haslhle and that la
obtained nnl by nbsolut cleanllneaa
of all utensils art that no mrma of old
milk shall be present l assist the
cerim of the air In thilr worlt of rour
Inn All Hit- Ihlnlta should bo mad
h study of sci that auccosa may bo ai
aured Joi nicr
A dairy writer saj that you had
bettir begin dairying with two cowa
and a atrong desire lo Ihoiougllly learn
the business than wllh ten cowa and ft
confident feeling that jou can succeed
as will aa old hand ot tho bualneaa
At tho Oenrgla United males eiper
Innnl station they lm- -
nnnrn that tho dehorning of cltlo
Uoca not cluck tho milk production
In Italj a cheese la made from tho
milk ot tho cheep which la regarded
as on acceptable tablo dcllcacj Chem-
ist report It to b3 highly palatable and
To make a auccesa of butter making
on tho farm reitutrea good cows com
roruble barns identy of good feed
ImpruVed ninchlneiy nnd an cnergetlo
and experienced worker
Men who ha e mado money by breed-
ing and selling dairy Block have raised
tht Ir standard of cxcclltnce right
ny ftn exchange and every
ertl ownei should see that his herd la
better this yeur than It was Inst
Wo nro not accustomed to look to
Clnlnnntl for dairy discoveries but tho
Tltnes Htur of that city has given the
world thla startling bit ot Information
only enough lo make us all wait with
bated breatha for details and further
developments A Cincinnati chemist
ha mide a discovery that promises to
revolutionise the dairy bualness It Is
a combination of water solids and fat
that la enua to the finest milk It 18
In reality Lhenitia pure milk and la
of course free from nil taint of disease
that cow milk hoa This chemical milk
Will raise a cieam will sour turn to
rurd and water and butter and cheese
cun be mndn from It tho sime as from
cow milk At present the cost uf pro-
duction la morn than U a gallon but
th chemist betlovt with a few more
exiMrlmenla bo can rtduce tho prke to
1U or in cent a gallun utid by making
It ln wholesale quantities can retail
It at tho usual 0 cent a mart It will
b but a short time according lo this
till the Dry Teed Dairy will disappear
from the milk wngona lo be leplactd
with Chemically 1uro Milk Jliuje
from Distilled tVater and III Purest
tn itu 1 irtcr h ho dlsiu ered the
chemist Is still nt largo
A man who tried tn run a Indon
lnlr ainnii what ho regarded strlctlj
honest prlnilph H has contributed an
article on his experience to an Kngllsh
periodical He found that all London
wanted milk with a ireamy appearance
and thin all milkmen ulttd that fancj
by innklng nbout one tenspoonful of
liquid nnnutto of perfectly harmless
nature with every eight qiiurl of milk
In vain did he try to convince his cus-
tomer that the 1 roper color of inllk Is
white They Inslswd that his white
milk vvns chalk water and that tho
ulher dealera cieam colored milk
was cream beautiful rich and fiesli
htice his milk wax skimmed cto lie
savs that of course he yielded to pop-
ular demand and In the nicest distinc-
tion of morals who can soy that he
was lurpetrnflng any fraud upon the
publlo by such procedure
Precisely in the smne citngory Is the
dilrlnmii who nrs hla bulb r with
some of the pine and harmless butter
cilor to bo found nowaday ou tie
market nnd by no sort of rnsulstr
do we see how such u presentation of
butter to li miunitr an bi ttturrd
Into a reflctlon on the conscience of
the butler producer or his atiiu moral
rttitulo irwoari v ron c on thla view
on what grounds Is It open to objec-
tions Tho public know that butter Is
nrtlth hilly colored nnd will not take It
unless so colored -Dairy World
My wlfnnfter
friend iiuAHott through tho onlcal with
little patnwai stronger la one hour
than in n week after tho birth of hot
former child JJ McUoitmirK
oans Stn Tcun
Mot hut J rrlrnd robtted piln nt lis terroi
nn 1 Mitrtnd labor 1 JUnvo tbj ticnllbktt
la4tM AmtRjr Cochran Ua
bH hy h tfiM d -
Mtltil MhlaMoliVii
aiAoritLa fittouuiTon co
m wiU if Ml UVBi ATLANTA t
In 4H Iioir nemoTThew mn
ituctitTKvtin rpiiiUTiiiJTt
tUirraiJilrUaiiui t If f UTfW 1
CaiulnwljKNitltftmtulrthlliUUI IMSJII MiliniglwsV V
Lr rVQ S
mnF gsSSsrw
tk oou fc a
For sal by J p Kick A Oa
treL Fort VVortK tt SiS
ll xuia
P11 SprUna ClfintD tut Wfc
Ittl ulmi t liisma su1 r hln UUOH MMl
or Mil inor In th wild
animiif mcwiiii coaiiiio
Wsf om
ant Wcltiey niMt
cuma r1 uDiutt tstiu
IB hi II Sin t 0
KV 1
Vj autMaUOU
I a i
famous bee
Now Sold Throughout This Section
1 II
By Drinking Fort Worth Beer
Bw -
i 1 hiihi111 l bi H -
irai i
riiMwlliailiaiBIMSIISIIliai III rr ffwwSaT wwiw
Fruits and Western Produce
Commission IerQlarLta
ruOlTR llorUa OrancM California Seedling OranRen falifornla Navel Oranfes
Tort Honanai Meislna lemons Cocanuts Malasa Clrnpt Crantwrrloit
LCilrAHr S New York Ited Ito e Seed Potatocn Iaatern Itose biod lotatoeo
Vetcrn Hono bred rotaloou 11 ur bunk and lrerlcss bceil 1otateui ttroel ey I ntliiff
Iotntoci buret lVttori tor ISeodor 1 atlnn lurjxjsei Hutabou lurnlpn Nev White
Uurnlps New Ucets Cull flower h ancy Yellow Oolou
WIN Dili KSA TuU Line of Dried Trults KaUlns Dates Tigs etc Nuttt ot Hvery
Description Chewing Ouiiii Candies Ceniileto Asaortmentof Wrho
or prices
1 1 t
Dr MGGihf is Moral
The Great Vital Restorative
Trial Bottle Treo to Show its Great
Win U will bo Srtnt to Aiiyono
plyluff Personally or by Letter
TMi celebrated remedy Is a positive cure
for nervous debility sperm at rrhaa dts
iluers desondciic falllntf msmory pro
intorrhrra trembitncs and nervous dls
emeu arising irom the abuse of stimulant
tobacco opium or any othsr cause It re-
stores without fall fmpklrcd vlpor snd ex
hsustod U allty stops all unnatural losses
purines lbs blood euros plmplei blotches
pto Trice J per bcttle or q bottles
for f lb Write for fit a trlil bottloi qcu
tloo Hit and pamphlet Address
T McQORK M D SpeoialUt
Market St Cilvibm TX
Remains for you lo get your pick of our shoe stock at your own price
We will move to our now store next week and we predict the largest
shoe sale this week wo have ever had We must reduce our stock at
some price Wo can fit you as to prices sizes and quality Do not
delay but purchase from us at once
Bottled Beer i
Tliroitgh Wag
leave double dafl
points in Tanii
oliaugo for
City ticket offla
ton corner PourH
and go toj
It Will Cost You
rrom rorii
r Uii
wnto ior trices colore Buying Elsewhere
H Steinieldt w
k SIMMS 509 Houii lii
tw Tr vl t1
i mf L j iLlL
W 2 i U to U
iLili u w
1 IC
1 1 j ir
I he UreatestiQ
All Beer
Family Use-
Pn uiii mJ
3 A
r w hi
w 5 1
Office Taylor and Front Streets

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