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... 1I Colonel Henry Exall Building Texas from the Ground Up BY DAVID EXALL STEWART ne hundred years.... Henry Exall."1 Those who know the name these days mostly associate Exall with assembling the land... that would become Highland Park. But at the time of his passing, Exall was beloved for helping thousands... more money into the pockets of farmers, and so into the state's economy. But Exall had personal reasons..., too. An opportunity in the cattle business brought Henry Exall to Texas from his native Virginia (by

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... One of the greatest trotting horses of his era, Electrite, which Exall purchased in 1892, brought... renown to Exall's Lomo Alto Farm. for finding new ways to train horses at his Palo Alto Farm. (It...). Like Stanford, Exall applied scientific study to the art of raising standard-bred trotting horses... for the animals. In 1892 (before the Panic), Exall made perhaps his most important investment when he purchased a... morning with Exall touring the Lomo Alto Farm's new location on Preston Road north of Lovers Lane.12 A few

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... bankers-with his clear, almost poetic message. The subject for Exall was not just about farming... inevitably gets the man."15 From New York, Louisville, and Atlanta to Quitman, Haslett, and Laredo, Exall... the farmer increases his net income without impairing his capital," Exall explained to city folk, "he creates... for their families, with little extra effort. But the keystone of Exall's campaign was a purse of $10,000 in gold... $500 to $1,000. Exall aimed his efforts squarely at young farmers, the ones most likely to leave

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..., 1913, Texans wept for Exall, who passed away at the family home in Dallas after failing to recover from... an operation. Many believed he had worked himself to exhaustion. "Colonel Exall was attacking a problem," noted... A&M, at Exall's memorial service at Fair Park Coliseum on February 22, 1914, "to become one... within the last few years and no other man had more to do with this great movement than Col. Exall...." Exall's good friend G. B. Dealey, publisher of The Dallas Morning News, shared the personal side

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...-of-the-art building would help Exall demonstrate Dallas's progressive spirit as he set out to the established cities... would remain a lifelong friend) into a number of ventures beginning in 1890 and sold his Exall Building..., at Exall's death, "deserve to rank as among the most brilliant presentations of the South ever made."7... of Anthony Drexel and J.P. Morgan in 1889 would be pivotal. Exall had fallen in love with an area just north... as Exall Lake. In addition to the lake, Exall and friend Col. J. T. Trezevant carved a scenic parkway along

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... A History Journal for Dallas & North Central Texas Volume 2Colonel Henry Exall: Building Texas... from the Ground Up BY DAVID EXALL STEWART DEPARTMENTS From the Editor 3 Book Reviews 56 Contributors 63

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...-r:.- r:Lrrrrr e J e e r _ Exall constructed the North Texas National Bank Building in 1888 and maintained.... Here, at age 37, Exall was serving as the vice president of the Lampasas National Bank when he had... and indissolubly connected with every legitimate enterprise.2' 'You must guide the strong', Exall counseled...."E The words elevated the bankers' cause and the prospects for money and banks in Texas.And they uncorked Exall... on Prohibition. In 1887, the 39-year-old Exall represented Texas at the annual meeting of the American Bankers

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... The Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture Although Henry Exall's plans to develop a first... a picturesque spot to this day. See "Colonel Henry Exall: Building Texas from the Ground Up

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..., suggesting our theme of "New Directions." Henry Exall came to Texas as a young man to enter the cattle... development. Exall then opened a farm on part of the property where he bred trotting horses. Exall's great...-grandson, David Stewart, recounts these and more new directions taken by Exall during his varied career. As a

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.... Exall, David Exall Stewart is a free-lance writer, editor, and designer of publications and web sites... mixed-use project currently under development in Flower Mound. A street there is named in Exall's honor

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