Dallas County Probate Records

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This collection of probate cases (which includes guardianship and lunacy cases) of Dallas County, Texas contains cases from 1846 through the early 1900’s. Guardianship cases not only pertain to minor children, but to a person of any age who was not able to competently handle their own affairs. Lunacy cases included not only those who were insane or mentally incompetent, but of advanced age who were unable to take care of their own affairs due to senility.

When an estate was filed for probate, it was assigned a number (this is also true of guardianship and lunacy cases). This number is found in all of the Probate Books and on the original documents in the probate packets. In about 1935 all of the completed cases were assigned a new number and classified as ‘disposed cases’. For this reason the number found in the records is different from the number that the cases are now filed under.

These records were microfilmed by members of the Dallas Genealogical Society in 1977. The images in this collection were created from those microfilms in 2014.

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