Fayette County Area Newspaper Collection

Located in central Texas, Fayette County’s first Anglo settlers arrived in the early 1820s. The county was organized January 18, 1838, with La Grange as the county seat. Beginning in the mid-1840s, a series of short-lived newspapers were published at La Grange.

In the 1870s, as rail lines were built through the southwestern part of the county, first the town of Schulenburg and then Flatonia sprang up along the route. The Schulenburg Argus was printed weekly from 1877 to 1878, before the newspaper moved to Flatonia, where The Flatonia Argus is still published once each week today. The La Grange Journal was the first long-lived newspaper in that city. It was established in 1880 and was published weekly until 1986. Notably, Ben F. Harigel bought the paper in 1899 and served as its editor and publisher for almost forty-seven years. A newspaper entitled The Fayette County Record was also published in La Grange, for a couple of years beginning in 1910. Though unrelated to that earlier paper, a newspaper with the same name was established in November 1922. Today The Fayette County Record, published twice weekly, is the most widely circulated newspaper in the county. Digitization of this newspaper collection was graciously supported by the Tocker Foundation.

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