Rescuing Texas History, 2009 - Titles Matching

1949 Fort Griffin Fandangle 1
Arthur Quill, Christmas 1891 14
Bob Harding Folio 6
Branding Calves and Socializing 11
Capturing Wild Turkeys Above Clear Fork River 26
Christmas 1940 9
Cow Work 23
Day at UNT 2
Dedication of Restored Stone Ranch 3
Dipping Cattle for Tick Eradication 2
Family Christmas 5
From a Narrow Blue Folio 5
Gateway to LBJ Ranch Sign 1
Hog Killing Sequence 15
Jack Newcomb Feeding Cattle 15
Jack Newcomb Teaching Jake's Grandchildren How to Throw a Rope 8
Johnson at Johnson City High School 7
Johnson City Photos 14
Johnson's Airplane Crash 4
Johnson's Vice-Presidential Birthday Cake 1
Lady Bird Johnson Highway Beautification Awards 2
[Lady Bird Johnson Highway Beautification Awards] 1
Lambs 4
LBJ and Lady Bird at White House Diary Autograph Party 1
[LBJ Ranch with Cattle] 3
LBJ Ranch, Barbeque, Foreign Visitors, Henry B. Gonzales 1
LBJ Ranch, Barbeque, Foreign Visitors, Henry B. Gonzalez 2
LBJ's Visit to Lambshead During Fandangle, June 7, 1969 11
Lindig Lime Kiln 3
Mammie V. Bartholomew Album 2
Men in Laced Shoes and Fedoras 3
Mexican President Mateos' Visit at LBJ Ranch, w/ Harry Truman, Sam Rayburn 12
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Lindig Anniversary 5
NAVPERS 15165 1
Negatives - Eclipse and Tornado 12
Notes 2
Otto Lindig and Others at Lindig's Beer Bar 2
Otto Lindig and Sister, Family Reunion 2
Otto Lindig Autograph Party 1
Otto Lindig, Birthday Celebration w/ Trinity Lutheran Church Choir 2
President Johnson, Chancellor Erhard Reception at Vereinshirche, Press at Hermann Hall 2
President Johnson, Erhard Reception 2
President Johnson, Erhard Reception, fairgrounds, FHS Band 3
President Johnson, Erhard, Bethany Church 7
President Johnson, Pierre Salinger, Misc. Ranch 2
Ranch Cook Oliver Jacobs 138
Ranch Work, Time-Life Book 19
Reintroduction of Buffalo 3
Richard Avedon and Laura Wilson 2
Sally Brittingham - Jack Wallace Wedding 2
Sally Brittingham Wallace Collection 8
Senator Johnson, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy (Francis Trip) 6
Senator Lyndon Johnson at Hotel Nimitz, Joint Rotary-Lions Club Meeting 3
Senator Lyndon Johnson with Cattle 10
Senator Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman, Sam Rayburn, Johnson Family Cemetery 3
Spanish Gourd Fandangle Sampler 2
Stone Ranch 6
Transplanting an Oak to the Reynolds House 7
Worn Cowhide Album 8