Abilene Christian University Library - Titles Matching

Abilene Christian University: Since You Have Been Raised With Christ. 87th Annual Bible Lectureship. February 20-23, 2005 187
ACC Calendar 1927 8
Be My Witnesses. 83rd Annual Bible Lectureship 129
Behold, He Comes! 81st Annual Lectureship 138
Big Picture Jesus - Spitting Camels & Swatting Gnats 3
Big-Hearted Conversations Across the Denominational Divide 2
Bob Hunter ACU Homecoming Musical Programs 51
[Brown Library Pictures] 12
A Changeless Christ for Changing Times: Studies in Matthew. 75th Annual Bible Lectures 160
Christian Ethics In a World Gone Crazy 3
Corinth Revisited: Studies in 1 Corinthians. 74th Annual Bible Lectures 149
Cruciformity 3
Diversions 3
Empire State of Mind 2
Everyday Evil: Good People and Evil Deeds 2
Experiencing a Spiritual Revolution Through the Arts 1
Extreme Makeover (Whole Creation Renovation) 3
Faith Under Fire: Biblical principles and faithful practice are always at odds with humanism. A retreat is unthinkable! 79th Annual Lectureship 116
G. Dallas Smith Collection 35
Generation Now 2
Getting It Right With Your Money 3
Growing Up Christian 3
Heaven on Earth 3
High Tech, High Touch, and Faith 2
Jesus and Muhammad 2
Kenneth Burtch Collection 6
Lewis Fulks Set Model Photographs 30
Lewis Fulks Theatre Department Collection 843
Lifestyles of the Rich and Amos 3
A Light to the Nations: Messages from Isaiah. The 76th Annual Bible Lectures 146
Living Well in a Broken World 1
Luke: A Gospel for the World. 72nd Annual Bible Lectures 167
Margins: Following Jesus at the Edge in Luke's Gospel. 107th Abilene Christian University Summit 141
Margins: Following Jesus at the Edge in Luke's Gospel. 107th Abilene Christian University Summit; September 15-18, 2013 34
Me Addiction: My Will or God's Will? 2
Media, Media On The Screen, Who Determines My Self-Esteem? 1
Miscellaneous Sermon Charts Collection 15
Moving Beyond White Jesus 1
The Optimist 3,674
Paul Tucker Collection 12
The Pickwicker 54
Praising God: Themes from the Psalms. 73rd Annual Bible Lectures 157
Prickly Pear 93
The Punk Monk and the Persistent Widow 1
Radical Love and the Coming Kingdom 1
The Real War: Flesh vs. Spirit, Studies in Galatians. 80th Annual Lectureship 108
Recovering Spirituality. 84th Annual Bible Lectureship 156
Redeeming the D-Word 1
Relationship 101: Eight Things Every Lover Needs to Say 3
The Shinnery Review 14
Stone and Campbell Wander the Groves of Academe 2
This We Know: Studies in 1 John. 77th Annual Bible Lectures 135
Treasures of Darkness 3
Ultimate Intimacy 3
Unfinished Business: Challenges for the New Millennium. 82nd Annual ACU Lectureship 128
Wayne Mickey Collection 10
What Was Life Like Before the Patriarchs? 1
[Wynn, J.R and M.K.] 10