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[Transcript of Two Letters, January 1798]

Description: Copy of transcript for two letters, written in January 1798. The first, from Delassus de Luziere on January 15, 1798, asks that land belonging to the king be given to an unnamed man because he has proven himself to be a good farmer on land belonging to Mrs. Beauvair. The second, from Zenon Trudeau on January 21, 1798, informs the recipient that he will receive the land he has requested.
Date: [1798-01-15..1798-01-21]
Creator: Trudeau, Zenon & Luziere, Delassus De
Item Type: Letter

[Transcript of Letter, June 6, 1821]

Description: Copy of transcript for a letter in Spanish, discussing the allotment of land and the transportation of the goods of families who are soon to immigrate to Louisiana.
Date: June 6, 1821
Item Type: Letter

[Transcript of a Letter, December 1, 1821]

Description: Copy of transcript of a letter written in Spanish, on December 1, 1821, discussing the possession of a governor in Spanish Texas, and laying out the terms for a peaceful resolution.
Date: December 1, 1821
Item Type: Letter