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[Manifiesto o Memoria.]

Description: Document handwritten by Agustín de Iturbide, containing a summary of the Revolution as well as the establishment and end of the Empire.
Date: September 27, 1823
Creator: Iturbide, Agustín de, 1783-1824

[Transcript of Letter Concerning the Colony of Brazoria]

Description: Copy of transcript for a letter, discussing the colony of Brazoria, which is experiencing civil unrest, and the men they plan to send, including Santa Anna. They report that the civil unrest was caused by only a few men, and that the colony feels patriotically towards Mexico.
Date: unknown

[Transcript of Letter from Michael Muldoon to the colony of Austin, September 4, 1832]

Description: Copy of transcript for a letter from Michael Muldoon to the colony of Austin, on September 4, 1832, discussing an untrue rumor that he had to quit his position as a clergyman in the colony of Brazoria. He expresses his faith that had this happened, the government would have responded accordingly.
Date: September 4, 1832
Creator: Muldoon, Michael

[Transcript of Letters , 1829]

Description: Copy of transcript for several letters written in 1829. In the first letter, John Austin and James Austin asking for the rights to the silver and lead mines. The second is a receipt from Joseph White, and the third informs the Austins that whichever of the men who has claimed the mine, and who successfully creates a well and mines lead or silver, may keep it.
Date: [1829-05-05, 1829-07-02]