Dallas Firefighters Museum - Browse

[Fire at Travis School]
Photograph of smoke flowing from a window on the second story of the Travis school, while three firemen scale a ladder to the rooftop.
[L. F. Stiles Service Station Fire]
Photograph of a large, smoldering blaze near a gas tank and car, battled by firefighters with two hoses. The fire takes place at the L. F. Stiles Service Station on 122 East Clarendon.
[Fatal House Fire]
Photograph of a house charred on the front entrance with a toy car also burned out in the yard.
[Field Fire]
Photograph of a field obscured by black smoke with four firemen fighting the smoldering blaze.
[Fire at 2401 South Harwood]
Photograph of a two story brick commercial building near three train tracks.
[Fire at 600 Block of 1st Avenue]
Photograph of furniture covered with canvas blankets inside a house affected by fire.
[Explosion at6 3723 Abilene]
Photograph of the remains of a small white house after an explosion.
[Fire Engine At Hydrant]
Photograph of three men wearing heavy firemen jackets with a fourth man on top of the engine, a hose connecting the fire truck to the hydrant on the street. On the right is P. D. Lynn, and the driver's name is Bull Durham.
[Fire on November 26th]
Photograph of a crowd of civilians gathered on the street during the night to see a brick two story building on fire, while firefighters aim a hose at the blaze.
[Fireman Scaling Ladder]
Photograph of three firefighters scaling a ladder attached to the engine while several stand on the ground observing.
[200 Block West Jefferson Fire]
Photograph of firemen scaling a burning brick building's roof from an adjoining roof.
[5 Alarm Fire at 4810 East Side]
Photograph of a charred building with two ladders leading to the rooftop.
[4 Alarm Rooftop Fire]
Photograph of firemen dressed in dark coats with helmets scaling a brick wall to survey the smoking damage.
[1400 Elm Building Collapse]
Photograph of men wearing mostly white shirts shifting through the rubble of a building that collapsed on the 1400 block of Elm Street.
[600 Block Fire on 1st Avenue]
Photograph of a charred wooden staircase.
[2401 South Harwood Fire]
Photograph of a two story brick commercial building on fire.
[Adolphus Hotel]
Photograph of four firemen standing at the bottom of a ladder at the Adolphus Hotel, which sits on the corner of Akard and Commerce.
[1950 Fire]
Photograph of firemen scaling two ladders to survey the rooftop damage on the other side of a brick wall.
[4810 East Side Fire]
Photograph of a two story wooden house with the top floor charred by fire.
[3804 North Hampton Fire]
Photograph of a charred kitchen after a fire at 3804 North Hampton in Dallas. A partial sign is visible in the center of the image that says "Cold *Grape or Or[...] *Ice Cold."
[Airway Theater Fire]
Photograph of a neon sign reading "Airway" with the words "Now showing Key Largo also The Fuor Poster" below. The theater sits at 8006 Denton Drive.
[4810 East Side House Fire]
Photograph of a five alarm fire at 4810 East Side, with the outside charred and two ladders to the second floor.
[Apartment Fire]
Photograph of a firefighter carrying two suitcases down a hallway damaged by fire with two young women.
[2815 State Street]
Photograph of the inside of a charred wooden house at 2815 State Street.
[8247 Barbaree Couch Fire]
Photograph of a large charred hole in a couch in the living room of a house.
[8247 Barbaree Fire]
Photograph of a bedroom with charred sheets and mattress.
[Charred Powerline]
Photograph of four firemen aiming a hose at a charred powerline.
[1957 Firemen]
Photograph of five men standing and three kneeling in firemen gear in front of a fire truck.
[Drugstore Fire]
Photograph of a fireman climbing a ladder to the roof of a drug store obscured by a thick film of smoke.
[Destroyed House]
Photograph of a completely destroyed house with three firefighters standing in the wreckage.
[Five Alarm Fire at 4810 East Side]
Photograph of a two story wooden building charred and destroyed on the outside.
[Five Alarm Fire on East Side]
Photograph of a two story wooden building destroyed by fire at 4810 East Side.
[Flipped Car]
Photograph of two men attending a car flipped in the woods.
[Forest Avenue Bridge]
Photograph of a firefighter standing near the railing on a bridge.
[Front of J. C. Penny's]
Photograph of a J. C. Penny's with three fire engines in the parking lot. The store sits on 5301 Inwood Plaza, the corner of Inwood and Lover's Lane, which became Eckerd Drug as of 2002.
[3 Alarm Fire at 600 Block of 1st Street]
Photograph of a two story wooden building with much of the second story destroyed by fire.
[Johnny's Supermarket]
Photograph of a one story supermarket with four ladders leading to the rooftop. The address is 5533 Columbia street.
[J. C. Penny's Fire]
Photograph of the inside of a J. C. Penny's department store, with products covered by sheets as firemen scale a ladder towards the roof.
[Main and Field Fire]
Photograph of a two story building with stores at the street level and apartments on the second with firemen scaling ladders to reach the second story.
[Manhattan Lounge]
Photograph of the front of Manhattan Lounge on 3422 Main.
[Clem Lumber Co. Fire]
Photograph of a destroyed brick building on 2500 Live Oak.
[3 Alarm House Fire at 600 Block of 1st Avenue]
Photograph of a wooden house with the second story mostly destroyed by fire.
[Primrose Petroleum and Continental Battery Crash]
Photograph of a smoking train wreck at Pearl Expressway at Hickory.
[Standford Furniture Warehouse Fire]
Photograph of the two story brick Stanford Furniture Warehouse with smoke pouring from the rooftop and windows, at 316 Olive between Live Oak and Pacific. Ladders reach the second floor and firemen climb to the roof and windows. Lieutenant Crites died in the fire.
[Sunset Motor Lines Fire]
Photograph of a huge cloud of smoke coming from the blaze on the rooftop of Sunset Motor Lines at 1514 Cockrell at Larmar.
[Storm Damage]
Photograph of three men walking among the damage of a storm.
[Hay Field Fire]
Photograph of three fire engines fighting a blazing field.
[November 10th House Fire]
Photograph of a two story brick house with a firefighter on the roof fighting a blaze while bystanders gather on the street.
[Tornado Destruction in Dallas, Texas]
Photograph of destruction caused by a tornado in Dallas, Texas. A car is pressed up against a wall on the left. Its roof has been ripped off and it is surrounded by debris. Another car is parked to the right, and appears to have sustained less damage.
[Truck at Building Collapse]
Photograph of a light colored truck parked on the side of Elm street at the 1400 block where a building had collapsed.