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[Prestonwood Hotel on Pearl Street]
Photograph of the building in which the Prestonwood Hotel is located. The building is brick and has an awning over it. Wooden crates in the store to the left are protected by a lattice gate.
[Mustang Tomato Co.]
Photograph of the storefront for Mustang Tomato Co. An older man sits underneath an awning. A car is parked on next to the storefront. The doors and trunk are open.
[Ablon Poultry & Egg Co.]
Photograph of the storefront of Ablon Poultry & Eggs. Crates are stacked against the front wall. Two carts are situated to the right of the crates, behind which a car is parked.
[Girl Holding Trophy]
Photograph of a young girl smiling as she holds a trophy. On the right, a man wearing a suit reaches over to shake her hand.