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Main Street

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of Main Street, looking west from Greenville Avenue. There are two cars at an intersection. Several other cars are parked beside buildings. The photograph was taken from a fire truck ladder.
Date: 1988

Main Street (Belt Line Rd) and Central Expressway (US Hwy 75) Intersection, 1988, Richardson, Texas

Description: Intersection of multi-lane, partially divided street with expressway access road. Motor vehicles are shown parked in a parking lot with angled parking. To the right/east is a strip of retail businesses. On the left/west is the northbound access road to an elevated portion of North Central Expressway. West Main Street extends under the Expressway. On the center horizon is a multi-story building (FirstCity Bank) with horizontal rows of windows. Right/east of that building the top of a water tower is just visible above trees. Three flags on poles are on the north side of West Main, at the edge of the bank parking lot. Motor vehicles are visible on all streets. Signs on buildings: FirstCity Bank, Barton & Howell Dry Cleaners, The Shoemaker Shoe Service, Ali's Master[?] Alterations, Custom Cloth[?]. Signs on poles: Pizza Villa, Central Center / Dry Cleaning, Laundry & Cleaning. Also: Street lights on poles, traffic signs and signals. Additional Information: Shown is the 300 block of West Main St. (which is Belt Line Rd east and west of the downtown area).
Date: 1988

Polk Street, 1988, Richardson, Texas

Description: Polk Street, looking east, slightly elevated, from the northbound access road of North Central Expressway. Polk Street is four lanes, with curbs and sidewalks. On either side are retail buildings: Business signs on the left: Auto Insurance 644-000; Ray Vernon Optician; Lee's Catfish. Two cars are moving east on Polk at Sherman Street. On the left horizon is the Southwestern Bell Telephone building. One bicycle rider is in the center of the street, moving east.
Date: 1988~

Girls' Basketball Team Reunion

Description: Photograph of two laughing elderly women, identified as Irene Cain and Carrie Lee Ashby Fender. The women were both members of the Richardson Girls' Basketball Team, around 1919. Bill Wechter took this photograph for an article written by Shirley Reynolds of the Richardson Daily News.
Date: 1986
Creator: Wechter, Bill

J. J. Pearce High School Academic Decathlon Team, 1985

Description: Photograph of a group of students identified as J. J. Pearce High School Decathlon Team. Two students are holding a banner with a Texas-shaped symbol on it that says "J. J. P. #1," and says "Go for [the gold]" around the shape. One student is holding a flag that says "J. J. Pearce" on it. Most of the students are wearing plaid shirts, jeans, boots, and cowboy hats. In the background, there is a school building.
Date: 1985

Miss Belle's Place

Description: Photograph of an exterior view of Miss Belle's Place. The wooden house is two-stories tall with a covered porch extending the width of the house. Four fold-out chairs are set up on the left of the porch, and there is one rocking chair on the right side. There is a white picket fence and a paved road in front of the house. Virginia Bell (Miss Belle) Robberson taught school in the house for forty years.
Date: December 1982

Portrait of Thomas V. Wheeler

Description: Photograph of a portrait of a man identified as Thomas V. Wheeler, age seventy-two. He is holding the newspaper telegram telling the death of Abraham Lincoln. Wheeler is the grand-nephew of the founder of Richardson, Texas, Billy Wheeler.
Date: 1980
Creator: Matula, Eva