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... the Shepherd of the Hills resort in Missouri and Silver Dollar City. They, also, visited Mrs. Pearce’s father... Missouri, Ark. The Roger Pearce Family have just returned from vacationing in Arkansas and Missouri. souri... in Whitehall, Arkansas. city personnel. The City is required by the ordinance to keep captured dogs a maximum... and destroyed in a gas chamber. A city employee estimated 15 to 25 dogs are sent to the county each week... yesterday. People who think their dog may bave been picked up by the city may call (he city hall to make

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... hv m , dog catchers as they break the city's leash law. Dogs ar kept 72 h„ sT' they are turned over... with health care far beyond anything that the city could provide for it’s residents. More than $3,000,000 has... ordinance in a referendum ballot. Later that year the City Council passed an ordinance with provisions... in order to retrieve their dog. In order to implement the ordinance the city built a dog pound at the sewer... plant south of Cedar Hill, and instructed city personnel in the water department to pick up dogs

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... ^ | EXTERMINATING SER.| Notice Of Hearing The Board of Equalization for the city of Cedar Hill and the Cedar Hill... at the City Hall in Cedar Hill. Texas at 7:00 p.m. each day. BUDDY’S USED FURNI- TURE Gas ranges reconditioned

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... the Mansfield Cardinals, 21 to 1, Friday night at Cedar Hill city field. This win puts the Longhorns in first... and will host the Midlothian LaPaz Team here Friday night at City Field. Charles Thornton is the coach

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