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Four paneled poster of a musical band

Description: Four panels depict a three man band of musicians in different activities. In the middle of the panels there is the title: "Los Excentricos (The Eccentrics) Agustin Isunza Cesar Sosa y Varelita 'Un disloque de carcajadas musicales.' " Panel Top Left: One musician plays a xylophone while the other two stand next to him, one holding an accordion and the other a guitar. Panel Top Right: The three musicians sit in a row with their hands clasped over their knees. Panel Bottom Left: The xylophone player looks towards the guitar player behind him while the accordion player kneels below the xylophone looking up. Panel Bottom Right: All three musicians stand in dramatic poses while playing their instruments.
Date: unknown

Four paneled poster of actres Maria Teresa Barcelata

Description: Four panels depict actress Maria Teresa Barcelata in different poses. In the middle of the panels where is a cut-out of Maria wearing a strapless dress with her name in a box in the middle. Panel Top Left: Maria wears a floor-length strapless dress and beaded necklaces Panel Top Right: Maria leans against a wall with her right hand on her waist and the other holding on to a cord being dangled from an unknown location. She wears a floor-length strapless dress with geometric designs, and beaded necklaces around her neck. Panel Bottom Left: Maria sits on the ground while playing a guitar. Panel Bottom Right: Maria rests her chin on her hand while sitting on the ground in a floor-length dress. Autograph on photo: "Para Maria Sinceramente Maria T. Barcelata"
Date: unknown